Learning how to grow an angel wing begonia indoors provides a houseplant with attractive year round foliage. It can grow 2 to 3 feet tall and up to 6 feet wide outdoors. Opuntia microdasys, also called Bunny Ear Cactus or Angel's Wing. Prized for its stunning leaves, Caladium 'White Queen' (Angel Wings) is a tuberous perennial with large, heart-shaped leaves adorned with bleeding scarlet-rose veins.
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Position: full sun Soil: moderately fertile, freely draining soil Rate of growth: fast-growing Hardiness: frost hardy (may need winter protection) A striking new foliage plant that has already started to pull in the awards. You'll be hard pressed to find a plant that mixes so well with perennials and other annuals in the garden. Huge, grayish white foliage forms a tight mound and produces a look that is unique.

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There is an angel wing begonia houseplant for most indoor situations. Growing angel wing begonias inside can provide a dwarf plant for the desk, or a large bushy, shrub-like floor plant, reaching 5 feet. Other common names angel wings … Once established, water only when the weather is dry.

It’s a popular houseplant due to its easy care and cute appearance. Senecio candicans Angel Wings® ... Light/Watering: Plant in a location with full sun and well-drained soil. It is also the ultimate plant for a mixed deck container with outstanding color and texture throughout the growing season. The show-stopping hanging bugle-shaped flowers of angel's trumpet make this a delight for any garden. What an accent plant! Inconspicuous, calla-type flowers appear in summer, but they are usually hidden by the leaves.

It is native to Mexico with thornless, flat, elliptical to circular pads.
Angel Wing Begonia Plant name is coming from its large leaves that are shaped like the wings of an angel and is the common name of a number of Begonia species.

Houseplant care: Begonia coccinea is primarily grown for its elegant foliage, but it can be a heavy bloomer as well.

Grown either as a woody shrub or small tree, this is a tropical plant.In cooler zones is often grown as a container plant that can be brought indoors when the weather turns cool.

Emerging pink, the highly decorative leaves fade to white as they mature.

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