One day, in anger with the Cyclopes who work at the forges of Vulcan, he sent his arrows after them, to the wrath of all the gods, but especially of Zeus. Alcestis surrenders herself for Admetus. Admetus and Alcestis lived together happily for a long time, and all the people in their little kingdom loved and blessed them. But at last Admetus fell sick, and, as he grew worse and worse every day, all hope that he would ever get well was lost. When the Fates decided it was time for Admetus to die, Apollo intoxicated them and made them agree to keep him alive, as long as someone else would take his place. He is told by a courtier, Orindo, that his brother, Trasimede, is also in a bad way, obsessed with the portrait of a woman.

He was a fair and hospitable king; when Apollo was forced to serve under a mortal because of killing Delphine, he chose to serve as Admetus’ herdsman. Admetus and Apollo. With Apollo’s help, Admetus succeeded and married Alcestis. Apollo and the Python (1637) – Peter Paul Rubens #3 Apollo And Admetus. Then those who loved him remembered the wedding gift which Apollo had given him, and they began to ask who would be willing to die in his stead. During his exile, a period of either one or nine years, Apollo was supposed to work in servitude to a mortal, and so Apollo became herdsman to Admetus.

The Myth of Admetus Apollo did not live always free of care, though he was the most glorious of the gods.

Having sued for the hand of Alcestis, the most beautiful of the daughters of Pelias, king of Iolcos in Thessaly, Admetus was first required to harness a lion and a boar to a chariot. Admetus, in Greek legend, son of Pheres, king of Pherae in Thessaly. (For the Cyclopes always make his thunderbolts, and make them well.) T hough Apollo was able to kill Python, according to the laws of Mount Olympus, he had committed a crime.Due to this, his father Zeus exiled h im from Mount Olympus for a period of time. Apollo arrived in Thessaly having been exiled from Mount Olympus by Zeus; Apollo had killed the Cyclopes after Zeus had killed Apollo’s son Asclepius. In a room of his palace, dominated by a statue of the god Apollo, King Admetus of Thessaly lies dying, tormented by terrible dreams. Apollo in recompense for Admetus' treatment made all the cows bear twins while he served as his cowherd.

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