However, groups like the Calgary Revolutionary Knitting Circle hark back to the First Wave of Feminism when suffragettes brandished hand-stitched banners.

In recent years, activist knitters, from such organizations as the Revolutionary Knitting Circle, knit in public, at rallies and peace protests. Craft making often forms the basis of a community, be it a quilting bee, a knitting circle, a group of yarn bombers (see Endnote 1), or an Internet blog. Craftivism is equally associated with these larger political engagements. Yet, fundamentally, these women are hooked on their hobby and enthusiastic about the future of Duke's newest knitting society for personal rather than political reasons. To that end, the Revolutionary Knitting Circle calls upon people everywhere to take up the struggle through the tools of local production.

By the time the projects and patterns are packed for the night, "Women's Revolutionary Knitting Circle" prevails. (Onscreen image: “Peace Knits” demonstration by the Revolutionary Knitting Circle, March 2004.) To that end, the Revolutionary Knitting Circle calls upon people everywhere to take up the struggle through the tools of local production. In general, craftivism is anti-globalist, anti-corporate, green, enthusiastic about any attempts to get off the grid, and deeply sympathetic to populations who feel marginalized from the mainstream. The Revolutionary Knitting Circle Proclamation of Constructive Revolution. craft store or a community center or a group of like-minded learners (such as a knitting circle). LaJevic & Powell ♦ Knitting Curriculum Journal of Curriculum Theorizing ♦ Volume 28, Number 1, 2012 176 World Petroleum Congress in 2002, Calgary’s Revolutionary Knitting Circle, a group aimed to create community and local independence (Facebook, 2010), knitted a web to stop a military procession (Moore & Prain, 2009). The pussy hat project taking protests by storm has been particularly successful, but it joins a long tradition of crafty activism. Yarn bombing is amongst the practices. Stay in the loop and protest in style!Knitting and handicrafts have a long history in protesting. with antiglobalization and prolabor causes. Organizations including the Revolutionary Knitting Circle view knitting as a mindful act of not buying into corporate entities. In Knitting from the Center Out, Daniel Yuhas teaches knitters the fascinating technique of starting a project with just a few stitches and knitting outward, in revolutions (or circles).The book features 28 mesmerizing projects, ranging from baby blankets and lace shawls to sweaters and stuffed toys, and also includes tutorials for the minimal skills required for We hold that all communities should have the means necessary to meet every essential need of their own people. In Canada, there's the Revolutionary Knitting Circle, which first made headlines for their protest at the 2002 G8 summit.

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