The molar solubility of Barium hydroxide is 0.1077 M, what is the Ksp? More information about Barium hydroxide (Ba(OH)2). Ksp solubility product constants of many popular salts at SolubilityOFthings ... Below are the values of the Ksp product constant for the most common salts.

Appendix: Solubility Constants for Compounds at 25°C; Appendix: Standard Thermodynamic Quantities for Chemical Substances at 25°C ; Appendix: Standard Reduction Potentials by Value; Glossary; Versioning History; Introductory Chemistry – 1st Canadian Edition. Image Transcriptionclose. ... Barium hydroxide octahydrate: Ba(OH) 2 x 8H 2 O: 2.55 x 10-4: Barium iodate: Ba(IO 3) 2: 4.01 x 10-9: Barium iodate monohydrate: Cobalt(II) hydroxide or cobaltous hydroxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Co(OH) 2, consisting of divalent cobalt cations Co 2+ and hydroxide anions HO −. It may contain ... potassium hydroxide. Compound: Formula: K sp: Aluminium hydroxide: Al(OH) 3 4.6×10 –33: Aluminium phosphate: AlPO 4: 9.84×10 –21: Antimony sulfide: Sb 2 S 3: 1.6×10 –93: Arsenic sulfide: As 2 S 3: 1×10 –16: Barium bromate: Ba(BrO 3) 2: 2.43×10 –4: Barium carbonate ... An indicator that is inert toward anesthetic gases such as ether, cyclopropane, & nitrous oxide, & that changes color when the barium hydroxide lime no longer can absorb carbon dioxide. Appendix: Solubility Constants for Compounds at 25°C Compound Name: Compound Formula: K sp: Aluminum … Solubility in water, acetone, ethanol, . Some magnesium hydroxide must have dissolved. Solubility Rules: Greater than 0.1 mole/Liter = Soluble Between 0.1 and 0.01 mole/Liter = … Ionic Compound Formula K sp. A.! The solubility product is greater than the "Ksp" of copper (II) hydroxide, so it will precipitate. Barium hydroxide is used as a reagent for titrimetric analysis due to its strongly basic nature. !Aluminum Hydroxide Al(OH)3 Ksp = 3 x 10-34B.! Barium hydrogen phosphate BaHPO4 0.013 Barium hydrogen phosphite BaHPO3 0.687 Barium hydroxide Ba(OH)2.8H2O 1.67 2.48 3.89 5.59 8.22 11.7 20.9 101 Barium iodate Ba(IO3)2 0.035 0.046 0.057 0.2 Barium iodide BaI2 182 201 223 250 264 291 301 Barium molybdate BaMoO4 0.006 Barium nitrate Ba(NO3)2 4.95 6.67 9.02 11.5 14.1 20.4 27.2 34.4 Barium hydroxide, Ba(OH) 2, is reported to have a K sp of 2.55 x 10 -4 at 25 degrees celsius. Solubility of the sulphates Barium hydroxide is a strong base for both stages of dissociation: #"Ba"("OH")_2(s) -> "Ba"^{2+}+2"OH"^-# So the solution will have 0.20 M hydroxide ions. The relative solubility of the metal sulfates Unlike the group 2 metal hydroxides, the sulfates become less soluble on descending the group, with magnesium sulfate the only truly soluble sulfate of the group. Barium hydroxide is soluble enough to be able to produce a solution with a concentration of around 0.1 mol dm-3 at room temperature. The pure compound, often called the "beta form" (β-Co(OH) 2) is a pink solid insoluble in water.

Become a member and unlock all Study Answers Try it risk-free for 30 days Solubility Product Constants near 25 °C. … The equilibrium constant, Ksp, for aqueous solutions of ionic compounds at 25°C.

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