Ferdinand was born near Salamanca; proclaimed king of Palencia, Valladolid, and Burgos; his mother advised and assisted him during his young reign. Alfonso IX of Leon: 10. Alphonso IX, King of Leon, was the father of St. Ferdinand, while his mother was Berengaria, the eldest daughter of Alphonso III, King of … Ferdinand III. Saint Ferdinand III (5 August 1199 – 30 May 1252), was the King of Castile from 1217 and King of Galicia and Leon from 1230. He definitively united Castile and Le ó n and reduced Muslim power in Andalusia to the kingdom of Granada. 1252.

St. Ferdinand III King of Leon and Castile, member of the Third Order of St. Francis, born in 1198 near Salamanca; died at Seville, 30 May, 1252. Ferdinand III (Spanish: Fernando III), 1199/1201 – 30 May 1252, called the Saint (el Santo), was King of Castile from 1217 and King of León from 1230 as well as King of Galicia from 1231. In 1217 Ferdinand became King of Castile, which crown his mother renounced in his favour, and in 1230 he succeeded to the crown of Leon, though not without civil strife, since many were opposed to the union of the two kingdoms. SPOUSES AND CHILDREN . Ferdinand III Ivrea of Castile, King of Castile, King of Toledo, King of León, King of Galicia, Count of Aumale, was born 5 August 1199 in Spain to Alfonso IX, King of León (1171-1230) and Berenguela of Castile (1180-1246) and died 30 May 1252 of unspecified causes.

He married Elisabeth von Staufen (1203-1235) 1219 JL.

Ferdinand III, also called Saint Ferdinand, Spanish San Fernando, (born 1201?—died May 30, 1252, Sevilla; canonized February 4, 1671; feast day May 30), king of Castile from 1217 to 1252 and of Leon from 1230 to 1252 and conqueror of the Muslim cities of Córdoba (1236), Jaén (1246), and Sevilla (1248). Ferdinand III `the Saint' of CASTILE King of CASTILE & LEON; aka Fernando ALFONSEZ (III) FERDINANDEZ Born: Leon 1201 Died: 1252 Seville HM George I's 12-Great Grandfather. Son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and Berengaria, daughter of King Alfonso III of Castile; cousin of Saint Louis IX. His grandfather Alfonso VIII began the most successful campaign to restore his Catholic kingdom against Moslem occupation and Fernando consolidated the … Violant of Hungary (=#29) 2. He was the son of Alfonso IX of León and Berenguela of Castile. Through his second marriage he was also Count of Aumale. Through his second marriage he was also Count of Aumale. Alfonso X of Castile (=#26) 17. Married to Princess Beatrice, daughter of Philip of Swabia, King of Germany. King of Leon in 1230. Birth • 4 Sources. He became king of Castile in 1217 and of Leon in 1230. FERDINAND III, KING OF CASTILE, ST. Reigned in Castile from 1217 and Le ó n from 1230 to May 30, 1252; b. Valparaiso, June 24, 1198; d. Seville. Sancho IV of Castile: 18. Ferdinand III of Castile Last updated September 19, 2019 "Saint Ferdinand" redirects here. Ferdinand III of Castile was the son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and Berengaria, daughter of Alfonso III, King of Castile (Spain).

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