Like with any dried fruit, storing it in the fridge will extend shelf life for up to a year. They are DELICIOUS. Shop for dried-fruit at Costco. Savor our most popular premium dried fruits and nuts paired with an artisan-crafted Italian-style salami and a Roasted Garlic Gourmet Cheese. Shop for dried-fruit at Costco. The official Staff account. If you’re wondering what to buy at Costco, look no further! This organization is proud of making natural fruits without any artificial colors or flavors. Select Costco warehouses may … $8.79 for 64oz bag ($.137/oz). I had purchased the Kirkland Freeze Dried Fruit at Costco. Top 10 Best Dried Fruit Costco . You will chose right product because my site use AI Technology and Big Data to filter milions products. These healthy snacks to buy at Costco are made with nutritious ingredients and are kid-friendly, but also great for adults, too! Ocean Spray Craisins $7.69 for 20oz bag ($.385/oz). … All Tea, Coffee & Hot Drinks; Coffee & Coffee Capsules; Water & Beverages Water & Beverages. Organic Apricots It won’t go bad, but its nutritional value will diminish gradually. I’m sharing 21 of the best healthy Costco snacks that make it into our cart. The Sunny Fruit company has been making tender and juicy figs since 1993. Unfortunately, we live quite a drive from Costco, so I ordered these on Amazon. Shop's large selection of nuts & dried fruit. Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Smyrna Figs Product Details. Dried Kiwi Slices (Thailand) Fruit & Nut Medley (Almonds RS (California), Cashews RS (Product of Vietnam, and/or India, processed in USA), Jumbo Golden Raisins (California), Cranberries (USA)) Fruit & Coconut Medley (Peaches, Apricot, Cherries, Blueberries, and Cranberries (USA), Almonds … We hope you enjoy - and we hope you post your own deals from your local Costco so everyone knows about them. We share your love of everything Costco so we are sharing these deals with you, our fellow Costco fanatics. Dried Fruit; Cleaning & Laundry Products Cleaning & Laundry Products.

We filter millions of reviews from customer. Costco item #1136745. $13.99 for 48oz bag ($.291/oz).

Vacaville Fruit Company 31 oz Dried Fruit & Nut Extra Large Wine Board 31 oz.Dried Fruits & NutsKosher Star K. Buy now ... products can be returned to any of our more than 700 Costco … It is so refreshing to have a healthy snack. Find cashews, pecans, almonds, mixed nuts, a variety of dried fruit & more from top brands. Every flavor is so good; my favorite is the grape. Get products you love delivered on the same day by Instacart. All Cleaning & Laundry Products; Laundry; Pet Supplies; Tea, Coffee & Hot Drinks Tea, Coffee & Hot Drinks. Our selection of organic meats, juices & other products include top brands and are available for online ordering. Moreover, figs are naturally gluten free and nut free for those with select food intolerance. Shop for organic foods. Organic Dried Cranberries In a freezer, dried dragon fruit can last about 2 years.

Use our Contact page or send us one of those Tweeter thingies. Dried Fruit to Buy at Costco Kirkland Dried Blueberries This hand-packed gift tray is brimming with a selection of our finest dried fruits and nuts, including California white peaches, California yellow peaches, California plums, California pluots, California Deglet Noor … Skip to Main Content. Get products you love delivered on the same day by Instacart. This is the perfect snack to take along on a trip; excellent for an airplane or car trip.

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