Your Guide to Planting And Maintaining Asiatic Jasmine Plants.

Varieties of jasmine are variously known as Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine, Winter Jasmine or Asiatic Jasmine. How to Control Asian Jasmine. Growing Jasmine. A: It is practically impossible if it is common Hall's Japanese honeysuckle. Take a 12-by-12 inch plug from an existing established Asiatic jasmine planting.

Q: How do you transplant Asian Jasmine? Use Coral or Purpleleaf honeysuckle. Q: How do you keep honeysuckle in a confined area? Asian jasmine has no insect or disease problems, keeps weeds out and is great to grow as a ground cover in shady locations. 1. Decide where you want the plant, and chop it down whenever it moves out of this range.

The perfumelike fragrance of jasmine vines (Jasminum spp.) Asiatic Jasmine is a true ground cover and will not grow in vine form and does not produce flowers or noticeable seeds. To grow jasmine from cuttings, you’ll need to remove the cutting correctly from the plant and encourage root growth.

Asian jasmine is planted by homeowners as a quick, low-cost ground cover. It grows quickly and can become invasive if not trimmed back.


Asiatic jasmine is a fast-growing ground cover that produces small, white fragrant flowers.

1. Star or confederate jasmine, T. jasminoides, is a climbing vine. Common jasmine, Jasminum officinale, is native to Iran and is beloved for its attractive and fragrant flowers. Either way it's best to start the plant off in pots or seed trays until it is more established.

When growing jasmine the plants need to be kept in moist, well-draining soil. I’m standing under a Star Jasmine arch in the kitchen garden at the Westward Look Resort here in Tucson.
While we prize these plants for their flowers, it's the leaves that do all of the work in making sure the plant receives enough nutrients to ensure a long life. Leaf through this article which provides information on how to enhance the beauty of your garden by planting Asiatic jasmine as a ground-cover. Groundcovers. If starting a jasmine plant by rooting jasmine cuttings is the way you’d rather propagate, start by making cuttings of the stem tips from a healthy jasmine plant. The genus from which Asiatic jasmine borrowed its name, Jasminum, includes about 200 shrubs and vines in the olive (Oleaceae) family that are native to Eurasia and Oceania. This twining, vining plant isn’t true jasmine, like Pink Jasmine, although the flowers would make you think otherwise.The botanic name is Tracelospermum jasminoides and it’s in the same family with a few plants you might be familiar with: oleander, plumeria, adenium, and vinca.

2. Asiatic jasmine is a classic favorite for South Florida, a superb groundcover that likes both sun and shade. The trick to Asiatic jasmine control is to act early to set boundaries for it. Jasmine cuttings.

If you plant Asian jasmine in your yard, mow the shrub religiously. You can propagate the various forms of jasmine reliably through cuttings. Would is the amount of spacing between each of the plants you recommend?

But as LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill … The Plants are about 2-3 inches high.

Jasmine can be grown from either seeds or cuttings. Keep the plants indoors for at least one month after this, or grow your jasmine as a houseplant the first year before transplanting outdoors. Asiatic jasmine can be propagated from plugs or from cuttings. I am planting Asian Jasmine in a large area about 20 feet wide and 15 feet long for more ground cover. Use a sharp shovel to dig out 3 to 5 inches of the roots in the plug. Plant the plug in the area where you would like to establish new jasmine.

Tough and great-looking when well cared for, this jasmine rarely flowers but forms a blanket of foliage to set off large plants. Interested in landscaping? Once the plant is established it will need water only during hot, dry weather.

Scatter a light application of all-purpose granular fertilizer over the Asiatic jasmine.

Choose a cutting that has a green stem with plenty of leaves on it. Remove the leaves from the lower part of the cutting and chop off any flowers, which can use up the nutrients required to produce roots.

Once it has established you can start transplanting the plants outside into your garden. Don't wait too much longer, though. Asiatic Jasmine is a true ground cover and will not grow in vine form and does not produce flowers or noticeable seeds. The jasmine should grow in to fill the hole. A: Can dig up and transplant anytime of the year but best to do in early spring. is especially potent at night and fills the air with a tropical mystique wherever it is planted. Water the Asiatic jasmine immediately after planting, and continue to keep the soil moist until the plant has rooted. How to Cut and Transplant a Jasmine Vine. Varieties of jasmine are variously known as Confederate Jasmine, Star Jasmine, Winter Jasmine or Asiatic Jasmine. Yes, if you are sure to take enough soil without disturbing the roots too much, you should be able to transplant these lilies now. You can propagate the various forms of jasmine reliably through cuttings. Take the plug from inside the established planting.

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