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Work Permit Services

Richmond offers a complete range of employment visa processing services including the following: playing liaison role and coordinating, submission of applications, keeping track of applications, and reporting on the status of application.

Enterpreneur Pass

The employment visa is also referred to as EntrePass. The Pass can be used by technology-based entrepreneurs and R&D-based ventures that seek to bring innovation and energy into the Singapore business environment. If your business is engaged in the development and application of new technology, or if your business is dedicated to the development of creative ideas, there is a very high chance of your EntrePass application getting approved.Learn More

Personalised Employment Pass

Personalised Employment Pass is an EntrePass that comes in a special class of Employment Pass issued only to the top level professionals in the order of their merits. Because PEP is not based on the employer, anyone holding this pass can switch employers without any affect on their pass. If you have a PEP, you can stay in the country for a maximum of 6 months in between jobs until you find a new one.Learn More

Employment Pass Singapore

The Singapore Employment Pass is the most commonly used type of work visa in Singapore issued to a wide range of professionals including: Foreign professionals, Executives, Specialists, Top Management – GM, CEO, MD.In order to be eligible for EP, it is essential to fulfill the educational and salary requirements laid down by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).Learn More

Miscllaneous Work Pass – MWS

Any foreigner who intends to work in Singapore on short-term assignments (up to a maximum of 60 days) will have to get a Miscellaneous Work Pass or MWS. This is a new Pass that replaces the earlier Professional Visit Pass.
This Pass makes it possible for business executives to frequently enter Singapore from countries that require visa. The MWS is ideal for foreign business professionals and investors who need to visit Singapore from time to time for business needs or investment requirements.Learn More