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URA: Singapore, A City In A Garden

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) has announced that it will be coming up with creative strategies to improve the quality of life in Singapore by tapping its natural positive features, according to an article published by the Singapore Business Review.

Titled “City in a Garden,” the URA’s initiative aims to build a 150-kilometre route around the island as well as 360-kilometre park connectors by the year 2020. The plan entails introducing greenery along streets and to accentuate parks with skyrise trees. The parks will be viewable from homes within 400 metres of the vicinity.

The park connectors will be using the drainage spaces between parks to create a bigger and wider green space for locals. Boardwalks, promenade and bridges that will link such parks to streets will also be constructed to provide walking and jogging paths for pet owners and fitness enthusiasts. These paths will provide easy access to the waterfront for those who’d like to spend a frolicking day around the beach or just spend a quiet day near the water’s edge.

Just last month, the Singapore government has launched Gardens by the Bay at the Marina Bay Sands area. The new tourist attraction features a well-manicured garden with promenades lined with restaurants. The stars of the show, however, are the gigantic trees that hail from the Middle East and subtropics and are lit with energy-efficient lighting at night.

Singapore’s green initiatives only reflect how much the city wants to balance out its industrialized atmosphere with natural wonders. After all, green sceneries offer relaxation and respite from Singapore’s fast-paced and job-oriented environment.

As a global city, Singapore would also like to be recognized in the eco-tourism department and provide an alternative kind of attraction for tourists who’d like to seek the peace and quiet of being one with nature.