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Termination Of A Private School

Private school institutions registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Ministry of Education (MOE) can apply for its termination or closure following steps prescribed by each of the government bodies.

Private schools can apply for termination or closure with the MOE through the Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS). Only a current member of the School’s Committee of Management has the authority to lodge this kind of application through the OBLS.

Before applying for termination or closure, a private school needs to prepare the following supporting documents: first, a Note from Partners should the private school be a partnership or a limited liability partnership) or else a Director’s Resolution (if the institution is registered as a company). This document, which must bear the signature of all partners or directors and properly dated, must state that all duties to both students and staff have been discharged. Secondly, the institution has to submit an Original Certificate of Registration of School and Classroom Accommodation Certificates, to be mailed to the Ministry of Education, Private Schools Section, 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675. One has to further indicate the school name, online application ID, date of submission, and clearly indicate “Termination of School”.

Meanwhile, a private school also has to follow the steps prescribed by the ACRA in closure or termination according to the type of business entity they belong to. A private entity can apply for Striking Off (for a private company, exempt private company, a public company limited by shares, and a public company limited by guarantee) as stipulated by Section 344 of the Companies Act.

ACRA will evaluate the application if it fulfills the criteria it has laid down for striking companies off the official business registry of Singapore. Among these are if the company has stopped operations; has fulfilled outstanding tax duties with the IRAS and other government entities; has secured the consent of the majority of its stockholders; and if it is not currently involved in any court proceedings in or out of Singapore, among others.