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Sports Council Launches National Standards For Youth Sports

The Singapore Sports Council recently launched the National Standards for Youth Sports (NSYS) at Jurong West Primary School, in its aim to instil the right mindset and behaviour among children, parents and coaches when it comes to sports.

The NSYS underscored three important guiding principles among the youth, parents and coaches. “Have fun, winning is not always everything,” “Place the youth’s interest first,” and “Be a role model.”

NSYS encouraged parents to be role models for the youth while guiding them through their participation in sports.Important life values and lessons can be learned from sports and NSYS want every parent to impart important tenets among their children. Among other values and lessons underscored by NSYS are active participation, encouragement, respect, and alertness. In addition, NSYS encouraged parents to manage expectations by teaching the youth to enjoy the game and accept success and defeat as part of it. “Remind youth that excellence is a journey,” NSYS said.

Meanwhile, Senior Minister of State for the Law and Education Ministry Indranee Rajah graced the launching event. She emphasized the importance for Singaporeans to achieve excellence in sports. She mentioned that children, parents and educators have important roles to play in sports development.

The NSYS guiding principles will be introduced through a School Outreach Program. The values and messages behind NSYS will be introduced to primary school students using fun and educational approaches such as assembly sessions, interactive games and contests. These will be executed in five more schools through the first quarter of 2013.

At the heart of the NSYS Sports Framework is the underlying philosophy that every youth should be given the opportunity to grow and develop in sports, have positive experiences and not to be left behind. The principles and standards of NSYS emphasize equal opportunity, safety, proper equipment, values, parental involvement, adequate qualifications, holistic development, positive experiences and no harmful substances.