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Singapore’s Tourist Influx Increased In 2011

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) recorded an increase in the arrival of tourists in Singapore for 2011, with a record of 13.2 million visitors from coming from different countries in the world. This marked a rise of 13.1% from the previous year’s record of 11.6 million visitors.

As per record, the arrival of visitors in 2011 was recorded to hit high during the first quarter of the year, with January registering the most number.

The top five international visitors generating income for Singapore are Indonesia (2,592,000), China (1,577,000), Malaysia (1,141,000), Australia (956,000), and India (869,000). These markets accounted for 53% of total visitor arrivals for the first quarter of 2011.

Tourism receipts were recorded to amount to S$ 22.2 billion for 2011. The previous year’s record was only S$18.8 billion. The tourists who came for the year are said to have spent on sightseeing and entertainment in Singapore. A total of S$ 5.5 billion in receipts was recorded on these spending.

Meanwhile, it was noted that 231, 000 UK tourists visited Singapore, also in the said year, and statistics showed their recorded spending for the first six months, which amounted to S$ 282 million. The receipts showed spending in accommodation, shopping and food.

With the influx of visitors, hotel revenue was also seen to rise to 28% as compared to last year’s record. A total of S$ 2.6 billion was gained from hotel revenues.

Year in and year out, Singapore attracts tourists from all over the world. Described as a “thriving cosmopolitan city,” the country is bustling with numerous shopping malls, hotels, museums, and dining and entertainment hotspots which visitors can enjoy and experience. The country is home to different races and cultures. It boasts of a stable economy and strong government. Add to these, Singapore is rich in culture and history, language, arts and architecture.

With the influx of tourists, world-class businesses such as hotels, retail shops and high-rise buildings are booming in Singapore to serve the taste of visitors who seek for the best offerings in travel and leisure.