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Singapore Named As World’s Healthiest Country

Singapore landed on top of another world list for being named the World’s Healthiest Country by Bloomberg. This only goes to show that living in the city isn’t as “cracked up to be” and unhealthy as many thought.

According to the report, Singapore ranked first among many developed nations in terms of life expectancy and health. Singapore was followed by Italy, Australia, Switzerland and Japan in the top five.

The survey was also evaluated based on mortality and rate of cigarette smoking.

145 countries were evaluated for the survey. Singapore emerged with a health score of 89.45 percent, which was computed by subtracting the city state’s health risk score of 3.07 percent from its overall health score of 92.52 percent.

The recent ranking has again shown the world why doing business in Singapore shores is a viable option. Besides its favorable tax schemes, the quality of life in Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most developed across the globe, especially in Asia.

Singapore is constantly developing innovations in the health industry by investing in research and development firms, as well as organizing a cost-effective health care program for its citizens. The country also continues to improve its medical facilities, natural gardens, walkways, and gyms to encourage people of living healthy amidst living in a highly urbanized location.

As a matter of fact, despite its growing industrial and manufacturing environment, Singapore’s water and air quality is excellent as compared to other cities in the region.

Just a few days ago, Singapore has overtaken Hong Kong as the Asia-Pacific top business traveler destination. Singapore was also named a few months ago as the most livable city in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the results of a survey conducted on expats.

If you’re looking into expanding your business empire in Asia, Singapore is your go-to place. Besides, you can expect company formation firms like Richmond to help you with the company incorporation particulars so you don’t have to worry about a thing.