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Singapore Makes Waves As Most Popular Asian Corporate Travel Destination

Singapore has again made headlines this month after making it to the top spot as the most popular business travel destination in Asia, according to Accor’s Asia-Pacific Business Travel Research. Singapore has also bumped Hong Kong as the number one destination, according to the said report.

The results were evaluated based on the answers provided by over 2,500 people across the Asia Pacific region, proving that Singapore has continued to poise itself as a premier destination for business travelers, who benefit from the comforts of the ease of travel in Singapore as well as the leisure option it offers.

The report also revealed that business travel in the region has increased during the past year. This only goes to show that the region is not affected by the looming ripples of the global financial crisis that has crippled Europe and America. According to Accor Asia-Pacific VP Mr. Evan Lewis, the increase in business travel has only reflected the resilience of Asian economies to the global crunch as compared to its North American and European counterparts.

35 percent (35%) of Asia-Pacific workers said that they have traveled more during the past year. The increase in travel was brought about by a surge in business and sales, a promotion or change in responsibilities, as well as skills upgrade, training, and seminars.

What makes Singapore attractive to business travelers is the ease of going around the city. Besides, because the country features world-class amenities, tourist destinations, and shopping boutiques, business travelers, and their families will never get bored from their stay in the country.

Singapore’s accessibility to other Asian countries also makes it a favorable destination. Travelers can easily hop on a train from Singapore and venture to nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam if they want to.

Most of all, Singapore’s low tax rates, and open economy makes it a great destination for Western companies that are looking to expand eastward. The country’s government has also entered tax treaties with several economies, removing the burden of double taxation for foreign business entities.