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Singapore Leads The World In Mobile Usage And Commerce

A recent global survey revealed that Singapore companies highly rely on enterprise mobility and consumer technologies to help their employees discover new ways in doing their jobs.

The worldwide survey among 600 C-level executives and IT decision-makers in 19 countries showed that employees usually bring their own device at work.

The survey also revealed that in Singapore, seven out of ten companies or about 72 percent have employees who use personal computing devices in their respective workplaces.

About 54 percent of organisations or companies around the world have employees who rely on smartphones for basic tasks at work. Singapore leads the world in using smartphones at work with 84 percent.

Aside from smartphones, Singaporeans also depend on tablets as gadget tools at work. About 64 per cent of Singaporean employees use tablets for simple work tasks. This is double the global usage at only 33 percent.

Meanwhile, the survey indicated that about 68 percent or seven out of 10 respondents in Singapore reported that the majority of employees use tablets for business use with enterprise applications such as customer relationship management, project management, and data analysis.

In a separate survey made by the Mobile Marketing Association of Singapore, it revealed that Singapore leads Asia and the world in mobile commerce. Statistics showed that 90 percent of Singapore’s population owns a smartphone and currently there are 7.8 million mobile phones in the country.

The survey also revealed some interesting habits and behaviours of Singaporeans in mobile usage. The study showed the following statistics: 43 percent of Singaporean chose mobile over friends; 39 percent chose mobile over PC/laptop; 60 percent multitask on mobile while watching TV; and 84% check mobile when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, of the 700,000 mobile app downloads, Singapore accounted for the use of more than 450,000 of these (or about 64 percent of the total number of downloadable apps).This is translated to one in ten Singaporeans or one in five female Singaporeans.