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Retail and Food and Beverage Industry To See A Boost During The Holidays

The Singapore government is currently beefing up its workforce profile in preparation for the boost in activity that will result from the upcoming holidays. According to a well-known news agency, the holidays will cause a higher activity in its retail and food and beverage (F&B)  sector. This will equate to higher sales and revenue, of course, but would also mean a stronger demand in terms of manpower.

As both F&B and retail businesses brace themselves for the holiday rush, the Singapore government has laid out some plans as a means of lending a helping hand. Trade and Industry minister S. Iswaran said last Thursday on the sidelines of the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) Ball that the city state’s enterprise arm, SPRING Singapore, would be developing its part-time manpower pooling program to assist retailers and F&B owners to meet the demands of the holiday season temporarily, without having to hire full-time workers.

SPRING Singapore also seeks to train over 5,000 part-time workers for the F&B field under the SRA and Restaurant Association of Singapore training programs, which are, of course, supervised by the said enterprise agency. The training program will go on for the next two years. SPRING will shoulder between 70 and 90 % of the training fees for the qualified candidates.

The number of part-timers or contractors in Singapore’s labor force has seen a tremendous growth over the previous years, from 176,700 in 2010 to 194,700 last year. The government is constantly seeking ways to improve its growing workforce that’s composed of both locals and expats. It has also developed a PME (professionals, managers, and executives) Specialist Assistance Program that aim to provide jobs for 500 unemployed local office workers.

The Singaporean government’s program only goes to show how much the country upholds a strong work ethic and values its manpower tremendously. After all, Singapore owes much of its success to its diligent labor pool.


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