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Registering A Company In Singapore

A Guide To Starting A Business In Singapore

Registering A Company In Singapore Is A Good Decision

Singapore is definitely the place to set up your business in Asia. Why Singapore? The country boasts of a stable, globally-competitive economy making it suitable for businesses to thrive, grow and expand. It earned its credibility as a top financial hub in Southeast Asia due to its numerous global achievements. It was ranked third wealthiest nation in the world by Forbes Magazine and third most globalised economy among 60 of the world’s largest economies in the recently released Ernst and Young 2011 Globalisation Index.

Singapore is also a colourful cosmopolitan with a fascinating and diverse culture. It is home to different races and people. Aside from its steady and strong economy, Singapore also has an excellent educational system and healthcare programme. It is clean and unpolluted, making it one of the safest and cleanest countries in Asia. It is no wonder, a lot of foreigners opt to live and work in Singapore. The country was rated number one in Asia for the quality of life it offers. True enough, Singapore is a place for healthy and prosperous living.

Things You Need To Know When Registering A Company In Singapore

If you are one of the foreigners who wish to set up a company in Singapore, then you are fortunate to have chosen Singapore as your starting point in Asia. Before registering a company in Singapore, you must know that the country has its unique and exclusive regulatory compliance requirements for starting and operating a company. Bear in mind too that Singapore companies are registered as Private Limited Companies. These companies are properly structured to be tax-efficient.

Before registration, you must know the proper requirements, procedure and processes. For an initial information, you must know that Singapore law restricts foreigners from registering their companies in the country. For you to do this, you must hire a professional firm.

Things You Need In Registering A Company In Singapore

Company registration is quick and efficient in Singapore. You can register your company in a couple of days through the Singapore Registrar of Companies, as long as you meet the requirements and you present the necessary incorporation documents. For foreigners, there are a few things you must take into consideration before you can open your company in Singapore. As initial information, these are the important documents required for Singapore company formation that you must acquire before registration:

 Company name
 Brief description of business activities
 Shareholders particulars
 Directors particulars
 Registered address
 Company Secretary particulars
 Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)