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PM Lee Emphasized Importance For Singapore Government To Keep Balanced Key Goals

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the Singapore government is adjusting the balance between its key goals to achieve Singapore’s future objectives. PM Lee said this during the 32nd Conference of the People’s Action Party (PAP). Mr Lee is the Secretary-General of the ruling party.

He compared the government’s key goals to yin and yang elements that complement each other, emphasizing the importance of balance.

During the conference, PM Lee highlighted three crucial goals, stressing that PAP should have a clear direction: achievement of a vibrant economy through job creation, the creation of a meritocratic system where people succeed based on their efforts and contribution and building of country where citizens feel that they belong while welcoming skilled foreigners as partners for Singapore’s success.

Mr Lee said the balance between these goals (just like yin and yang elements) will change over time. He said that the government is in the process of adjusting them. He also said that it is important to re-examine these goals as Singapore advances as a nation.

Meanwhile, PM Lee said that meritocracy is one of the fundamental values in Singapore and in the PAP. He spoke of how the country’s system of meritocracy allowed the disadvantaged people and individuals with different talents succeed. “I believe we must still base our society on merit, but with wide definitions of merit and success,” Mr Lee pointed.
Mr Lee said for Singapore to achieve its goals, the country needs good leadership. He said that it is the PAP’s duty to offer this Singapore.

PM Lee also talked about how the nation needs to balance when it comes to economic growth. Singapore’s growth will moderate over the years and is projected at about 1.5 percent this year, but Mr Lee said to expect the numbers to be lower.

However, PM Lee does not believe that less growth is better. He said that the lower pay workers will be greatly affected. He also said that young people, who are looking for opportunities may decide to seek them elsewhere in the world like America, Australia, and China where there is greater growth. If this happens, PM Lee said that Singapore will not achieve its hopes and its hope for its children.

“We have to calibrate, but we must find the right balance,” PM Lee emphasized.

The third goal, according to PM Lee is to strengthen the country’s national identity, while managing the inflow of immigrants.

“We cannot close ourselves entirely or freeze Singapore as it is today, or we would become a museum; not a living, vibrant city,” PM Lee said.