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New Cruise Terminal Seen To Boost Singapore Tourism In 2012

Singapore is expecting to see a boost in its tourism cluster following the launch of the SG $500-million Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore during the second week of June.

Operated by SATS-Creuers Cruise Services, the new cruise terminal is 28,000 square metres large and can accommodate over 6,800 passengers at one time. It became fully operational on the 13th of June.

The new terminal is expected to generate over 3,000 jobs in the tourism industry and over 1.5 million tourists in the next three to five years.

Despite the falling number of cruise passengers during the previous years, the Singapore government is positive about the outcome of constructing Singapore’s second terminal, which is a welcome addition to the island state’s leisure cruise tourism cluster.

“Our numbers in terms of output has fallen and it’s partly because the industry here is restructuring. After the two IRs (Integrated Resorts) opened, many of the gaming ships didn’t make sense anymore. So for them it made sense for them not to continue,” said Singapore Tourism Board chief executive Aw Kah Peng in an interview with Chanel News Asia. “Now we are seeing more interest from cruise ships that are not gaming ships.”

Asia accounts for over 20 percent in outbound travel globally which buoyed the interest of major cruise liners and travellers worldwide. The terminal is also seen to benefit from the spillover revenues of onshore tourism.

The Royal Caribbean is the first ship to enter the new terminal. It will serve as a port for large cruise ship operators such as Celebrity Cruises and Costa Cruises, which are both expect to dock in Singapore in the next two years.

Singapore has another cruise terminal, the Singapore Cruise Centre located at the Harbour Front. Singapore’s move was probably inspired by Hong Kong and South Korea’s plan to add more cruise ports to boost their tourism revenue.