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MOM Improves Workplace Safety Policies through New Funding Program

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore has recently announced the implementation of a new funding program for SMEs to better put Workplace Safety and Health policies into practice.

An amount of S$2.7-million subsidised fund will be funneled to channels through the WSH Assist program, which will provide co-funding and onsite aid for SMEs. The program will officially commence in September this year.

According to MOM minister Tan Chuan-Jin, eligible SMEs will receive up to 80% co-funding for onsite visits and advise from WSH consultants.

Large-scale companies, meanwhile, will be assisted by the MOM by providing them a free “WSH Leadership Guide.” The four-step “Plan Do Check Action” guide targets management leaders in minimising safety and health risks at the workplace.

The implementation of a better safety action plan has proven well for big companies in the marine and real estate developing fields such as CapitalLand, City Developments Limited and Keppel Land. The said companies have reported incredible zero injuries from its manpower and have won accolades for strict compliance and implementation of workplace safety and health practices.

The MOM emphasizes the importance of workplace safety in Singapore’s diverse manpower. It co-drafted with the WSHC (Workplace Safety and Health Council) the establishment of WSH 2018, which is commonly known as the National Strategy for Workplace Safety and Health.

The said program aims to reduce the incidence rates from 1.8 per 100,000 by the year 2018. Further, it seeks to promote safety and health as an important aspect of operating a business and make Singapore a Center of Excellence for WSH; and integrate WSH into the labor environment and culture.

MOM makes sure that WSH safety protocols are implemented in cooperation across the state as a way of upholding Singapore’s status as a world-class and competitive job destination. MOM also recognizes the value of protecting the rights and welfare of expat workers and local employees through the Singapore Employment Act, which is constantly being improved by the government.