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MOM Announces Changes In Work Pass Administrative Fees

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) recently announced that the administrative fees for most work passes will increase starting April 1, 2013. This is in line with the government’s financial principle that the full cost of providing a public service should be borne by users of the service, rather than taxpayers in general.Changes aimed at recovering costs for work pass operations and services.

MOM said that employers have been paying administrative fees for the application and issuance of work passes since 2005. When the fees were first introduced, they were set at a level that was substantially below cost recovery. The fees were first revised in 2011. This helped increase the proportion of costs borne by employers who use work pass services, but it still fell short of full cost recovery.

The new administrative fees, to be implemented in April, will bring the fees closer to the full costs of providing work pass services. These include new service initiatives which lead to better customer convenience and experience
For application fees for Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit will increase from the current $20 for all passes to $70, $60, and $30 respectively; to reflect the greater complexity involved in processing the higher-end work passes.

The issuance/renewal fees for Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit will increase from the current $120, $70 and $20 to $150, $80, and $30 respectively.

Application fees will be introduced for passes for dependants of work pass holders, to recover the cost of processing them. The application fees for the Dependant’s Pass and Long Term Visit Pass will be $60 and $30, respectively.

Meanwhile, application and issuance/renewal fees for other passes will generally be adjusted in line with the Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit fees.

On the other hand, Card Replacement fee for all pass types will increase from a flat rate of $60 to $100 (for first-time losses) and $300 (for subsequent losses). Work pass cards are important identity documents for foreigners working in Singapore. The increase is meant to encourage work pass holders to exercise greater care in safekeeping their work pass cards.

Customers can look forward to the opening of the new Work Pass Card Registration Centre at the MOM Services Centre in early this year.