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How Do I Enter Singapore If I’m Starting A Business?

For those planning to set up a business in Singapore, frequent travel to and from the country as part of the business registration and processing may be a great concern.

In answer to this, the Singapore government has made available special visas and passes for investors who are required by their business engagements to visit Singapore on a regular basis.

There are several ways to officially enter Singapore, one of which is by obtaining a visa. A visa serves as a document that would facilitate the entry of business executives who come from countries that require a visa for Singapore. What are the benefits of holding this visa? It is beneficial if you are attending to your businesses or investments in Singapore, or else travel to the country for any other business purposes, at a frequent basis. It also is ideal for those still on the lookout for business and investment opportunities in the country.

This visa may also permit multiple entries to Singapore, in which case investors are allowed to stay from up to 14 or 30-day intervals at a single visit within the visa’s validity period.

In applying for a visa to Singapore, you need to thoroughly check with your country of origin regarding the visa requirements. Along with this, you will also need a Letter of Introduction from a Singapore-registered company along with your application form.

For those who would need to be in Singapore for extended periods because of active involvement in their company’s operations, an Entrepass must be secured. This is for entrepreneurs who oversee the company and would thus need to stay in Singapore. An Entrepass holds an initial two-year validity, issued upon the submission of a sound business proposal. The Entrepass is seen to facilitate startups in the first two years of its business.

Apart from this, the Entrepass also entitles the holder’s immediate family to live in Singapore as the holder carries out his or her duties to the company. The Entrepass can also be renewed with ease so long as one’s company remains in the peak of health.