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Creation Of Sustainable Urban Living R&D Proposals Encouraged

The Ministry of National Development (MND) encouraged the creation of fresh and innovative research proposals on increasing land capacity and providing highly liveable built environment that will sustain the economy of Singapore and enhance the quality of life of Singaporeans.

The projects will be funded under the MND Research Fund’s Sustainable Urban Living Research & Development (R&D) programme, which aims to invest in innovative solutions to develop Singapore as a liveable and robust country in an environment that focuses on ecological balance and sustainability.

The R&D programme was first launched at the Urban Sustainability R&D Congress in June 2011.

The call for research proposals focuses on increasing Singapore’s land capacity to sustain long-term growth. This will be done by creating new space cost-effectively, and optimising the use of limited land such as expanding the use of underground space, new reclamation methods or alternative spaces.

Another goal of the R&D programme is to develop Singapore into a vibrant, liveable and resilient city. This will be done by enhancing the living environment through integrating greenery and ecosystem services; improving physical comfort through designs and technologies for daylight, natural ventilation, and air quality; and enhancing livability through innovative ways of deploying new community, social, and other public services.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tay Kim Poh, MND’s Deputy Secretary (Development) said that over the past decades, despite land constraints, Singaporeans have worked towards developing Singapore as a liveable and sustainable city. “As we strive towards future growth, there will continue to be demand for land for various uses, such as housing and infrastructure, and at the same time, we need to ensure that Singapore continues to be a vibrant, liveable and resilient city,” he added.

Mr. Poh also emphasized that scientific advancements offer new ways in achieving sustainable urban living. He said that R&D can offer new innovative solutions that can make optimal use of Singapore’s limited land and sea resources that can be developed in an environmentally-responsible manner for Singaporeans.