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Changi Airport Expansion Boosts Singapore Tourism Receipts

The Singapore government recently announced new plans of giving its world-renowned airport, the Changi airport, a major facelift as the city-state continues to become a global business hub in the region.

According to the government, the expansion would take place near Changi’s second runway and spans over 1,000 hectares of land. Once completed, the expansion would double Changi’s current 1,350-hectare land area.

The move sprung from the government’s initiatives to increase the airport’s annual passenger capacity from 73 million passengers to 85 million.

The move was also a result of the ocular trips of the Changi 2036 Committee, which has observed aviation growth trends in other countries. One of the government’s inspirations for expanding Changi, Hong Kong, has recently announced plans of adding a new terminal to its international airport. Incheon, meanwhile, has developed into an urban landscape following the construction of its main airport. The airport is over 70 kilometres away from the bustling capital of Seoul.

The government has set up the committee, spearheaded by Finance and Transport Minister Josephine Teo, to look into the future needs of the airport.

Changi airport has a third terminal which might be opened this year for civilian use. The terminal is currently being used by the Singapore military.

Ripples of the expansion efforts are seen to boost tourist receipts in the country by the end of 2012. Last year, visitor count has reached a whopping 13.2 million.

The international airport, which has won accolades locally and abroad for its contemporary architecture and outstanding service, services 6,200 flights weekly to over 220 airports globally. The airport also houses over 230 retail stores and 110 food and beverage establishments, which makes it an extremely convenient transit point and destination for tourists and business travelers.

With its world-class attractions and open economy, it’s no doubt that Singapore will continue to grow as one of the premier destination for Western companies that are looking to expand their operations eastward.