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A Few Pointers On Networking In Singapore

Singapore is a leading choice among Western companies in terms of relocation and expanding overseas. Because of its business-conducive environment, strategic location and open economy, Singapore has fast become a leading business destination in Asia, in the same vein as Japan and Hong Kong.

Yet even if you’ve successfully incorporated a company in Singapore, you still have to make an effort on networking in Singapore to be able to grow your business seamlessly. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Partner up with a local business.
Aside from getting a perspective of the Singapore business setting from a local, partnering up with a local business can make it easy for you to chance upon wealth-providing opportunities in Singapore. Having a local partner also makes it easy for you to gain the trust of the local community, allowing you to reach out to more customers. Most of all, you may also gain access to government funding and entrepreneurial programs.

2. Be affiliated with local associations.
Joining a business club and spending time with that group is a great way to network and build lasting business relationships and even partnerships. It gives you a chance to collaborate with other businesses as well. The Chamber of commerce is a good place to start. Trade associations are also a good place for networking.

3. Show profound interest in Singapore.
Let people know how much you wanted to stay in Singapore. Also, show your commitment in the betterment of the local community or industry. Participate in giving lectures or training during events and exhibitions across Singapore.

4. Being polite.
Make sure to be polite and to avoid giving others any criticism even if they asked for it. This could be pretty hard for Westerners who are used to being straightforward and frank. In Singapore though, it’s a taboo to give negative feedback on something, especially during a group conversation. Keeping things open is also important in Singapore. When people say no to you “indirectly,” be gracious enough to nod or accept it.