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PRISM – An Initiative To Improve The Skills Of The Employees
In Singapore, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered the backbone of economic growth because of their significant contribution in creating employment opportunities and revenues that make up a huge percentage of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Hence, the government actively advocates the growth of SMEs and has offered tremendous support in providing services for Company Registration In Singapore. The Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has introduced effective programmes and...
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How To Be A Part Of SME Talent Hunt Opening By The Singapore Government
The small and medium enterprises in Singapore currently have policies that favor their business in more ways that one. With the recent announcement of Budget 2013, there were a number of steps taken to reshape and revitalize the growth of small-scale industries. The Talent Programme is one such way to invite brighter minds to come forth. The SME Talent Programme aims to encourage students or graduates from Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to consider working with SMEs....
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How will PIC Effect SMEs in Singapore?
The government has come up with new policies that will help small-scale industries emerge as stronger contributors to Singapore economy. A number of programmes and policies have proven to be effective in helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore operate and grow. For one, the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Bonus has provided great support to SMEs in terms of financial support in qualifying activities such as employee training, research and development (R&D),...
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SingPass in Singapore
Have you ever heard about the word SingPass before? Non-locals may feel curious about the particulars of this special pass. Why do Singaporeans keep mentioning this pass when talking about houses, cars, and even having a company incorporated in Singapore? The SingPass is a common password that individuals use in order to access Singapore government services. SingPass stands for “Singapore Personal Access”. By using this password, you can view the CPF (Central Provident Fund) Statement of...
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Budget 2012 Singapore, New Influences to Business 2 – Local Workforce
During the announcement of the Budget 2012, the government expressed that it will tighten foreign worker policies and quotas starting on the 1st of July. As a result, entrepreneurs who are looking to incorporate a business in Singapore  will no longer be able to hire as many foreign talent as they want. The businesses are required to abide by the quota set by the government in employing foreigners and are encouraged to hire local talents. This Budget 2012 seeks to the local workforce. How...
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Budget 2012 Singapore, New Influences to Business 1 – Reduced Foreign Workers DRCs
The Singapore government has recently unveiled the ‘Budget for the Future’. The Budget 2012 announcement is targeted to help improve the quality of life for the older populace who are still part of the workforce, senior citizens, lower-income and special needs Singaporeans small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the transport and tourism sector. Which programmes and initiatives will more likely to influence the future of businesses in Singapore? Let us have a look. The government will...
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What Pass Should I Apply For?
Many would think that they can start to work anytime as long as there are companies that are willing to hire them. Well, this might be an offence in Singapore, a country well-known for implementing its strict laws. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), any non-residents must get a hold of a valid work pass before they can start working in Singapore. What kind of pass should you apply for? Employment Pass The foreign professionals who are going to work in managerial, executive or...