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Schemes And Programmes To Promote The Development Of SME Sector
TheBudget of 2013 was drafted with emphasis on the development of Small And Medium Enterprises (SME) sector. The Singapore government encourages the collaboration of major industry players to improve the SME sector's level of productivity, discover several flexible solutions and improve the technology and infrastructure to create innovative products and services. In line with this goal, the government  introduced an innovative incentive named as Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Bonus....
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Know More About The Measures Initiated By The Government For The Development Of SME Sector
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) largely contribute to Singapore’s economic growth. Not only are SMEs instrumental in increasing productivity but also in boosting the export sector. The government recognises the importance of SMEs in sustaining economic growth and actively encourages more investors to consider Company Formation In Singapore. Moreso, the government provides numerous funding and support schemes. New SMEs are encouraged to collaborate with more established key players is...
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Interactive Courses For The Development Of SME Sector
The development of Singapore lies in forming and implementing effective, innovative and strategic policies. To ensure the quality of Singapore's policies, the government launched several initiatives such as comprehensive courses that provide individuals responsible for development programmes and policies for the Small And Medium Enterprise (SME) sector with extensive knowledge on effective policy-making. One such course is the Economic Development and Trade Promotion which is handled by the...
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Initiatives Launched By IDA For SMEs
Innovation is essential in maintaining the healthy business environment of Singapore. The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) has been a major contributing factor in the economic development of Singapore's small and medium enterprises (SME) sector. Seeking to help Singapore achieve its goal of becoming a developed and prospering nation that provides its citizens with quality life, IDA works to improve Singapore’s Information Technology and Communications infrastructure in a way that benefits...
Importance Of Training For The Development Of SME Sector
Singapore’s small and medium enterprise (SME) sector is a major contributor in the nation’s economic development. The government actively supports SMEs and has introduced numerous programmes and schemes to further improve the sector’s performance. Focusing productivity improvement, training programmes have been launched to help employees acquire necessary skills to become more innovative and productive. Through these, employees become more equipped to perform exceptionally and contribute...
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Importance of Training and Development for SME Sector Growth
Training and development programmes are highly essential in improving employee performance. If the government of a nation desires to improve the productivity of the small and medium enterprises (SME), workforce development should be a focal point. Human assets prove to be the most significant resources in the economic development of the country. While Singapore has qualified, highly competent individuals and entrepreneurs, providing support is still necessary to help advance their respective...
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IDA’s Initiatives For The Growth Of The SME Sector
The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore launched innumerable initiatives for the development of small and medium enterprise (SME) and education sector. SMEs are the backbone of the healthy economy of Singapore. It is imperative to encourage and promote the education sector as it is responsible for a great future. It helps to motivate new talents, discover innovative entrepreneurs and researchers who would contribute to the growth of the economy. The Objectives of IDA A learning...
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Highly Supportive Packages For The Enhancement Of SME Sector
The Government of Singapore has drafted the Budget of 2013 with an extensive focus on increasing the productivity of small and medium enterprises (SME). With long-term plans to develop SMEs as a growing and sustainable sector, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam expressed the government's intention to implement more initiatives to boost the industry performance. Budgetary Objectives Restrict foreign labour. The government desires to lower Singapore's dependence on foreign workers and instead,...
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Highlights Of Budget Specifying Innovative Programs For SMEs
The Budget 2013 is a hope for a better future for small and medium enterprises (SME). The Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Tharman delivered a speech explaining the highlights of the budget for the financial year 2013-2014 before the parliament. The speech focused on several programs and schemes that contributed to the development of SMEs. The budget was designed to improve the productivity of the SME sector and transform the way of doing business. Highlights of Budget 2013-2014: 1. The government...
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Government Launches SME Workgroups To Enhance The Development Of SME Sector
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of Singapore’s economy. The performance of the SME sector directly impacts the overall economic output. To keep the sector competitive and poised for growth, government support is crucial. In this regard, the government of Singapore consistently seeks for opportunities to support SMEs in various aspects including skills upgrade, funding assistance, infrastructure improvement, and technology enhancement, to name a few. Why SME’s need...
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