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What Pass Should I Apply For?
Many would think that they can start to work anytime as long as there are companies that are willing to hire them. Well, this might be an offence in Singapore, a country well-known for implementing its strict laws. According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), any non-residents must get a hold of a valid work pass before they can start working in Singapore. What kind of pass should you apply for? Employment Pass The foreign professionals who are going to work in managerial, executive or...
How To Incorporate A Company
How To Incorporate A Company In Singapore Singapore is known all over the world for being one of the friendliest countries for business. Its efficient bureaucracy, business-friendly practices, and strategic position in the Asian and Southeast Asian markets make it an excellent base for local businesses as well as Asian headquarters of foreign companies. Before doing this, however, interested businesses need to know how to incorporate a company in Singapore...
Singapore Company Incorporation For Foreigners

Singapore Company Incorporation For Foreigners

Singapore can be a lucrative business opportunity, not just for locals but for foreigners as well. The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore's primary business regulatory arm, has laid down certain requirements for foreigners who plan to open up business in Singapore.
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Company Registration Singapore

Company Registration Singapore - Tips For Local And Foreign Entrepreneurs

For many business-minded individuals, Singapore is the best place to set up a company. This is because this Southeast Asian city-state provides a pro-enterprise environment characterised by competitive tax benefits, business-friendly laws, stable political climate, etc. Establishing your business or setting up a branch here is sure to bring you and your company enormous benefits.
Company Incorporation

A Quick Guide To Company Incorporation In Singapore

Looking into the internal organization of the business, developing products, perfecting a service and doing a market study for your offers are important steps to do before embarking on a business endeavour.
Incorporate A Singapore Company
Incorporate A Singapore Company For Greater Income Singapore company incorporation has proven to be a very lucrative option not just for local entrepreneurs but also to foreign companies and start-ups that would like to take their business to the next level. Singapore companies have gained a reputation for their quick rise to fame and their many expansion opportunities, which won’t happen otherwise if they weren’t located in Singapore. It only goes to show how greater the potential is for...
Dormant Companies And Their Requirements For Filing Of Annual Returns
The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) defines a company as dormant when it does not perform any accounting transactions for a given year. The ACRA, which is Singapore's regulator of business entities, further clarifies that the following transactions do not qualify a dormant company into an active one, namely: the appointment of a secretary as well as an auditor; the maintenance of a registered office; the keeping of books and registers; the payment of...
Singapore Company Registration Services

An Overview Of Singapore Company Registration Services

Putting up a company in a cosmopolitan country like Singapore is akin to establishing a business enterprise in other progressive countries. It is mandatory before the law that prior to any business operation, company registration is a must.
Singapore Company Incorporation Services
Singapore Company Incorporation Services: Documents Needed The requirements and documents needed when incorporating a company in Singapore vary depending on the type of company that’s going to be established by entrepreneurs and corporate entities. What’s interesting, however, is that if would-be entrepreneurs and company owners are able to supply the complete legal documents needed for company incorporation, registration consultancy companies can help them incorporate their company within...
Registration Of A Company In Singapore

Basics Of Registration Of A Company In Singapore

Singapore is a locus of business in Southeast Asia. It is the outpost of choice for many global companies and conglomerates because of its vibrant market, its strategic location
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