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4 Essential Marketing Tips For Smes

4 Essential Marketing Tips for SMEs

An effective marketing strategy is highly vital in any organisation – from establishing a good business reputation to building a positive relationship with your clients, getting your brand known and improving your sales. Undoubtedly, a successful marketing campaign can exponentially improve your brand’s standing. Conversely, weak marketing strategies may affect your brand just as much. Hence, devising the right strategies for your brand and subsequently implementing it through the right platforms is extremely vital in any organisation.


Small to medium-sized enterprises deal with a lot of more pressure in terms of marketing as they can easily be shadowed by established and bigger industry players. Hence, SMEs need to step up to the challenge and create sound marketing campaigns that will allow them to be on the same playing field. Here are 5 essential and simple marketing tips for SMEs:


Good content goes a long way.

In a world that has a ready and easy access to a voracious volume of information, it is important to stand out by providing relevant, fresh and high-quality content. At the heart of any successful marketing strategy is a well-thought of content. Whether it is intended for your website, social media platforms, press releases or advertisements, it is crucial to deliver the right message across. In doing so, one must always keep in mind the company’s branding guidelines and see it through in all marketing initiatives of the company. Clear and concise is usually the way to go when advertising your brand. However, you may also choose to implement other content forms – get creative and create compelling content. The bottom line is relaying the right message to your target market and creating positive results.


Get out and get known.

Put your best business foot forward whether you are out and about online or present in industry events, parties and conferences.  Connecting with the right people whether online or offline can increase your chances of generating potential customers, partners and suppliers. Represent your brand in the best light possible. Get involved in conversations and build good relationships. This is an easy, economical but sure way of getting your brand known positively.


Grow your digital presence.

Social Media continues to become an integral part of people’s lives. With an ever-increasing number of consumer presence on social sites, it is apparent that the social media sphere is evolving and becoming more responsive to the demands of its consumers. From merely connecting with family and friends, social platforms progressed into a profitable space for brands to connect with its consumers. The key is evolving with your consumers. Start and grow your digital presence by setting up other platforms where they can get in touch with you. SMEs can greatly benefit in using social media platforms to connect with consumers and providers, establish a two-way communication, and promote organisational transparency. Growing an online community promotes brand love and loyalty.


Gain the right set of skills.

Many SMEs only have enough staff for its core business activities. Hence, it is important continuously skill up and get proper training in order to promote multitasking and improve productivity. In terms of marketing, it can be greatly advantageous and more cost-effective to gain the right set of skills and be able to create sound marketing plans instead of hiring a full department or engaging a service provider. Being equipped to understand your target market, their needs, what social platforms they usually use will come in handy in creating your marketing plans. With your in-depth knowledge of the brand, understanding of its ins and outs, it will be easier to craft a marketing strategy that will benefit you the best. You may still need to consult a professional to confirm if you are on the right track but it would not cost you as much.


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