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Local Enterprise And Association Development Lead Programme

Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) Programme

A global hub for investment and trade, Singapore advocates the continuous development of its industries. This is evident in various schemes and projects Singapore government agencies initiate and implement to promote the constant improvement of both enterprises and industries. These grants include the Aviation Partnership Programme (APP), Collaborative Industry Projects (CIP), Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT), and Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (LEAD).

The Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore) and International Enterprise Singapore launched and managed a scheme that seeks to help small and medium-sized enterprises become more progressive by empowering industry associations.

The programme has been extended to qualified chambers of commerce and business associations. The Local Enterprise and Association Development (LEAD) Programme is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of both the enterprise and the industry it belongs to through forging partnerships with industry associations that are keen on taking charge of and leading development initiatives and programmes directed to the augmentation of SMEs’ capabilities. LEAD offers and provides support that is strategically modified and focused on the needs of SMEs at an industry level.

The programme provides up to seventy percent funding for the following eligible costs during the implementation of a project: manpower-related expenses, Intellectual Property (IP) costs, professional services fees, equipment and materials, business development expenses.

The ultimate goal of the programme is to make available more initiatives that seek to improve the overall capabilities and industry competitiveness to SMEs. LEAD Development Projects can cover various areas of development including but not limited to the following: Business Collaboration, Advisory and Consultancy, Expertise Competence, Improvement of Technology and Infrastructure, and Intelligence and Research.

Who are eligible to apply for the LEAD Programme?

– Singapore industry associations, business associations, and chambers of commerce that represent a specific industry that can significantly and positively impact the economy and reflect the high potential for growth.

– Singapore industry associations, business associations, and chambers of commerce that have a proven track record in providing support to SMEs.

– Singapore industry associations, business associations, and chambers of commerce with a membership sizeable enough to represent the industry.

Interested parties must submit project proposals that meet the following guidelines:

– Project proposals must provide a well and carefully thought of industry roadmap. It must describe how the roadmap be will translated into implementable projects.

– Interested parties must be willing to share project costs.

– Project proposals must clearly indicate how it can contribute to the industry in terms of potential job and revenue creation, industry improvement, and volume of SMEs that can benefit from it.

– Proposed projects must demonstrate how it can improve industry competence.

– Proposed projects must present how it can be instrumental in market creation and development of business opportunities.

– Proposed projects must be open for SMEs and non-members of the association.

– Proposed projects must not have started during the application period.

– Proposed project must have an implementation period that does not exceed three (3) years.

How to apply for the LEAD Programme?

The most important preparation prior to applying for the programme is ensuring that the project proposal is able to meet the guidelines mentioned above. Interested applications may contact EnterpriseOne Singapore to claim an Indication of Interest form. Once submitted, the LEAD Programme Administrator will get in touch with the association representative and set a meeting to gain a more in-depth understanding of the proposed project(s).