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What Makes Singapore The Ideal Location For Business Startups?

Strategically located in the heart of Asia, Singapore outranks the world as an ideal destination for foreign investment, entrepreneurship and business ventures. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, transparent policies, tax structure, and seamless network connectivity with the rest of the world, it stands out from the rest. More so, company set up Singapore is both easy and straightforward. The government did not only ease the process of setting up a business but also continuously advocates the growth of enterprises in the city-state. Aside from being the most network-ready country in Asia.

Majority of the Singapore population are English speaking which makes it easy for both local and foreign entrepreneurs to conduct business. Foreign entrepreneurs can communicate without any hindrance and continue to be productive.

While the Singapore business environment is conducive, entrepreneurs still experience roadblocks. However, the government constantly strives to improve the enterprise ecosystem through various schemes and programmes aimed to help businesses remain competitive and grow. To address workforce issues, the government launched numerous training programmes to upgrade the skill set of employees. Job creation has also been a focus so the government continuously encourages locals to set up a business and foreigners to invest in Singapore. Employees in the city-state can also benefit from the Wage Credit Scheme which entitles them to up to 40% wage increase for a period of three years. This helps build a more motivated and competitive workforce who are job-ready, skilled and highly professional.

Reasons why company formation in Singapore is ideal?

We have rounded up several reasons why forming a business in Singapore is highly ideal.

– State of the art infrastructure and well-connected transportation system makes trade and transport easy and convenient.

– Singapore is ranked first in political stability and quality of life offered by the government.

– Singapore has flexible immigrant policies and an advantageous taxing system help you capitalize fully from your business.

– Apart from this, the Singapore government encourages new business formation by providing schemes, support and programmes that benefit both the companies and employees

These are just some of the many reasons that make Singapore an ideal business set up location. After setting up  a business, entrepreneurs can continue to get support from the government through numerous programmes and schemes that help improve productivity, innovation, tax rebates, cash refund. Companies that innovate and create new products also have the opportunity to get up to 400% cash back in the form of tax rebates. Similarly, the companies also have a chance to reclaim any investment they make in activities that improve productivity. Being one of the biggest financial centers in Asia, it provides many advantages and benefits to new companies right from their establishment for their production.

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