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WDA Programs To Provide Training And Support To The SMEs

One of the most important resources of a business is human resource. Skilled employees are needed in order for a business to remain productive, competitive and profitable. Acknowledging the importance of skilled employees in the success of the SME sector, the government launched several employee training programmes and schemes. The majority of these programmes are spearheaded by the WDA (Workforce Development Agency), Singapore’s government agency focused on promoting sustainable growth through Continuing Education and Training (CET).

In order to encourage more and more SMEs to upgrade their employees’ skills through training, WDA initiated Enhanced Training Support for SMEs. The programme will be accessible to local employees of SMEs who went through Singapore Company Registration  with 30% shares held by Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR), employee count must not exceed two hundred or annual turnover must not exceed $100 million. Employees who are interested in the 8,000 courses offered by the WDA, must be endorsed and sponsored by their respective employers. Self-employed locals can also avail of and benefit from targeted Enhanced Training Support programme courses as WDA works closely with agencies and associations.

If you are interested, here are some details regarding the enhanced training support that you must take note of:

Fee Fund Support on Higher Courses

SMEs who satisfy the aforementioned criteria can enjoy 90% course fee subsidies. Qualified employees for the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme will remain eligible and continue to receive course fee fund support through the WTS Scheme2

Enhanced Absentee Payroll Limit

Through the WTS Scheme2, qualified SMEs can enjoy an absentee payroll subsidy of up to 80% of employee’s basic hourly income capped at $7.50 per hour –  a considerable increase from the usual $4.5 per hour limit. Similarly, all employees that qualify for  the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme will keep receiving the absentee payroll subsidy under the WTS Scheme2.

Application Process

All the applications which are sent for the enhanced support training will be judged and administered via SkillsConnect. The SMEs interested in the programme can submit their applications through online platform of SkillsConnect. After the evaluation, companies that are able to fulfill the eligibility criterion will be awarded the enhanced funding. The timeframe for the submission and evaluation of applications ranges from 6 months prior to the starting of the training until thirty days after the starting of the course.

Eligibility Criteria

SMEs that are interested in sending their employees to the courses offered under WDA’s Enhanced Training Support scheme must satisfy the following requirements:

– The SME must be incorporated or registered in Singapore.

– At least 30% of the company shares should be held by local Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents (PR).

– The SME must not have more than 200 employees or the SME’s annual turnover must not exceed $100 million.

– The employees who are interested in joining the training should be a citizen of Singapore and should be hired in accordance with the Employment Act.

For more information on the programme, you may visit WDA’s website.

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