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Supporting Agencies To Help SMEs To Grow

Today, the application of latest technology has paved a new way of doing business.  The Singapore SME portal is a platform that seeks to assist businesses in investing in Singapore and looking to expand their market share. SME portal aims to motivate and encourage entrepreneurs to achieve growth and success in business globally. Some of the key objectives include the provision of strategic services to businessmen who need promotional support through surveys, coupons, marketing, banner advertisement, website listing and link strategies.

Supporting activities of SME portal

Singapore SME portal helps businesses improve productivity by actively promoting its clients, products and services. The SME portal can arrange a talk for senior managers, business owners, and other individuals who spread awareness about different businesses, products, and services. The Business Success Forum (BSF) is a programme which is held once on every Friday of the last odd month.

Business Success Forum (BSF)

The Business Success Forum (BSF) is a series of seminars that help impart additional skills and professional knowledge to entrepreneurs, business owners, and experienced executives. The main goal is to strengthen individuals to face the challenges and threats of the business environment and in turn, be able to contribute in the development of the Singapore economy.

Agencies partner to provide reliable information to businesses

E-citizen This is one of many government initiatives that seek to ease the process of starting a business in Singapore. e-Citizen is an online portal that acts as a one-stop shop for citizens who need access to Singapore government information and services. A joint effort by the National Library Board and Ministry of Trade and Industry that useful information for entrepreneurs and upcoming business persons in Singapore. Individuals can easily search for relevant information on how to plan, start and manage a business in the island. Also known as EnterpriseOne, the site helps initiate the development of a business and you can easily Set Up A Company In Singapore by providing useful information from applying for registration to getting licenses and ultimately, commencing a business in Singapore.

Info and E-services for non-Singaporeans  The agency supports and guides foreigners to identify Singapore as a lucrative location for investment. By providing active support to foreigners through easily accessible information and services, the agency seeks to attract more foreign investment in the country that would ultimately contribute to the economic development of Singapore.

Statistics in Singapore The Singapore Department of Statistics conducts research and gathers relevant, timely statistical data that are crucial in the economic development of Singapore. The Department of Statistics manages an effective national statistics information system that has been proven to be useful in the social, technological and economic development of Singapore. Monitoring and analysing both social and economic trends, NSA diligently disseminates information in various platforms such as their official website, database, mobile and electronic services, and publications.

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