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Support To SMEs By Electronic Tools

The digital era has re-engineered the way entrepreneurs across the world do business. Technology has played a significant role in largely improving business processes and boosting productivity across industries. Capitalizing on opportunities to improve productivity, the government of Singapore initiated efforts to move toward e-government and transform government service delivery systems. The Ministry of Trade and Industry launched exceptional programmes and schemes to improve communication and collaboration systems.

The implementation of e-services has allowed individuals, private and public sectors to access government services with just one click. This has set a new foundation for SMEs and entrepreneurs as business formation services and government support programmes are more accessible.

Innovative Online Services

A gamut of online services have been initiated by the Government of Singapore, some of the highlights of these services are-

Effective mGov Programme: This creative programme promotes the usage of mobile applications. The government, with the assistance of this programme, interacts and exchanges technical know-how with mobile application developers. The brainstorming results in creative application developments that support for SMEs.

User-friendly The website is conceptualised and launched to become a key portal for individuals and enterprises to discover information published by the Singapore government and all its agencies. This open and accessible rich resource of data aids users in research, coming up with innovative solutions, and development of services.

Ultimate One Inbox: The government created OneInbox to provide individuals with an eco-friendly, secure, and easy way to receive government correspondence electronically. A SingPass account is required for interested individuals in order to signup for OneInbox.

These e-programmes are launched to:

Enhance Communication: The government has created instant communication channels in order to allow individuals to access important information efficiently.

Participative Support: The government has achieved milestones in extending immense support to the SME sector. The Government of Singapore is encouraging participation from the people to promote the SME sector.

Reengineering Process: The new era of electronic governance has encouraged SMEs to incorporate re-engineering process in their business.

Welfare of the society: SMEs are a major contributor in Singapore’s economic development and raise the living standards of people. There is process of company registration Singapore to participate and contribute to the growth of the economy.

Growth of the country: The government recognizes that making processes easier for enterprises can also improve the contribution of businesses in terms of creating more employment opportunities and increasing revenue. The support given by the government through funds, tax incentives, information and education encourages businesses to perform better.

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