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Singapore Day In New York

14 April 2012, New York: Singapore Day was again celebrated in New York. For individuals who are wondering what Singapore Day is, it is a signature event organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) which features the latest developments in the various aspects of life in Singapore and to celebrate all things Singaporean.

Singapore Day was first held in New York in the year 2007. Since then, the event has been celebrated in Melbourne, London and Shanghai. With this event, people from other countries can get to know more about Singapore. It can relieve the homesickness of Singaporeans’ who live abroad.  Sometimes, the event organizers invite local talents. Other times, they create opportunities for foreigners deciding to have a new company incorporated in Singapore.

This year, famous local dishes such as the black pepper crab, char keow teow and laksa flew half-way around the globe for this special event in New York. Some popular bands, singers, actors and dancers in Singapore also went to give performances for it.

In order to make Singaporeans feel like at home, organisers have set up the carnival entrance as MRT gantries. The event also showcased a Singapore Memory Project – a new initiative that tells the story of the country through collecting shared memories from Singaporeans on what Singapore means to them.

Around 5,000 people went to the Singapore Day in New York. Visitors received “I Heart SG” goody bags containing a picnic mat, tissue pack, and “Limited Edition EZ-link card” plastered with national icons.

The honored guest expressed hoped Singapore Day would bring Singaporeans closer and enjoy a slice of home together; and that it would foster close-knit Singaporean communities around the world. This event may also attract more investors and entrepreneurs choosing to incorporate a company in Singapore.