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Programmes Of Workforce Development Agency For The Growth Of SME Sector

In order to sustain Singapore’s economic growth, constantly improving industry performance, uplifting workforce productivity, and promoting innovation among individuals and enterprises are essential. The Singapore government has taken several measures to develop and strengthen its workforce through programmes and schemes that are mostly conducted by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).  The WDA aims to enhance employee skills and capabilities that are instrumental in getting better career opportunities. Making up 99% of all businesses Singapore and considered a major contributor to the overall economic output, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can greatly benefit from such programmes. They can hire more skilled talents and improve productivity and growth opportunities.

The vision of WDA for the development of SME

The WDA is committed to improving workforce performance by making employees more competitive and equipped to meet the challenges of the industry.

Objectives of WDA

Industry collaboration – The WDA has collaborated with various partners such as training organizations, industry associations, employees, and eminent industry experts to provide employees with quality training programmes.

Competitiveness – There is a domino effect when the workforce is competitive. Enterprises become equally competitive and productive when they hire skilled workers.

Strengthen Technical and Specialized Skills – The WDA is committed to enhancing the performance of employees through skills upgrade. Through strengthening core technical and specialized skills, more individuals can be encouraged, step forward to create innovative products and services, and perhaps, take advantage of market opportunities and Register A Company In Singapore.

Initiatives for Service and Manufacturing Enterprises – The WDA has taken measures to enhance the productivity of services and manufacturing enterprises by conducting seminars and programmes. Companies get access to valuable advice and support from experts on ways to upgrade the productivity of their business. The Productivity Initiatives for Services and Marketing (PRISM) is an innovative programme that focuses on the development of SME sector in the area of services and marketing.

Efforts to develop a top class CET infrastructure – The WDA has initiated to improve the quality of the Continuing Education and Training (CET) systems to maximize job and business opportunities for individuals. WDA seeks to identify talented individuals and urge them to contribute to the economic development of Singapore by taking the entrepreneurial road. WDA is determined to open two (2) new campuses of National Continuing Education and Training (CET) to make their programmes more available to the public.

Provide assistance to low-wage workers – The WDA is committed to helping employees across pay grades and industry to advance their respective careers. Promoting an all inclusive society, WDA provides special assistance to low-wage workers. By helping them improve their skills, capabilities and boosting their confidence, low-wage workers can have access to better employment opportunities, increase their earnings and ultimately, improve their standard of living. WDA offers course fee funding of up to 95 percent through the  Workfare Training Support (WTS) Programme

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