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PRISM – An Initiative To Improve The Skills Of The Employees

In Singapore, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered the backbone of economic growth because of their significant contribution in creating employment opportunities and revenues that make up a huge percentage of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Hence, the government actively advocates the growth of SMEs and has offered tremendous support in providing services for Company Registration In Singapore.

The Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has introduced effective programmes and schemes that seek to enhance training and development of SMEs. A committed organization, WDA seeks to accelerate the growth of Singapore by helping SMEs, entrepreneurs and their employees become more competitive.

In line with this, WDA launched Productivity Initiatives for Services and Manufacturing (PRISM), a strategic initiative with the goal of strengthening the skills of employees handling managerial and supervisory positions through seminars and training programmes.

What is PRISM?

PRISM is focused on improving the skills of supervisory and managerial staff that require tactical-based decision-making. The decision-making process in this level of officers is semi-structured and requires skills to manage tasks efficiently and effectively. The programme seeks to help participants acquire or improve industry know-how, technical skills, conceptualizing skills, managerial skills, and communication skills to become more productive.

Different tools and techniques

PRISM helps employees learn how to use tools and techniques to increase the strategic advantage of the company. More so, it can be instrumental in helping employees excel in work and advance their careers for a better future.

Sixth Sigma

As mentioned, it is essential for developing companies to be aware of certain tools and techniques that can help them produce more quality output and the Sixth Sigma is one of these. The Sixth Sigma technique helps minimize errors and defective output resulting to decrease wastage in production.Wastage in production should be regulated as it adversely affects the cost of production and the profitability ratio.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

The basic idea of TQM is to produce high-quality products and services at minimal costs and therefore, increase the profitability of the company. TQM is a strategic technique that increases and improves the quality of output at every stage of production. It has been adopted by many Singapore companies because the stringent quality checks implemented in every process of the manufacturing cycle.

Process Reengineering

The reengineering process is a daring step to transform a company’s old way of doing business and improve both its efficiency and effectiveness as an organization. The reengineering process involves questioning old processes and churning out new ideas to refine a simple business process. It involves trimming and chopping of some processes which have become obsolete and adding new steps in order to create output in a shorter time without compromising quality.