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Interactive Courses For The Development Of SME Sector

The development of Singapore lies in forming and implementing effective, innovative and strategic policies. To ensure the quality of Singapore’s policies, the government launched several initiatives such as comprehensive courses that provide individuals responsible for development programmes and policies for the Small And Medium Enterprise (SME) sector with extensive knowledge on effective policy-making.

One such course is the Economic Development and Trade Promotion which is handled by the International Business Agency. The countries that can participate in the mentioned course are:

– SIDSTEC Countries

– SCPTA Developing Countries

Objectives of the Programme

Effective Policy Framework: The programme would help develop agile and effective policies that involve the participation of private sectors to support government programmes and schemes for the enhancement of the SME sector.

Provide extensive support: The programme would provide participants with an overview on how to create an impactful framework that would allow government and private sectors to implement exclusive initiatives making business development services, marketing, finance and other support services more accessible.

Share technical know-how: The course opens a great opportunity for industry CEOs to share their knowledge and experience to generate viable ideas and policies for the development of the SME sector. The lessons  during the course seek to help participants manage challenging and critical government projects.

Private Partnerships: The course helps the participants  understand the importance of private partnerships in the growth of the SME sector. The course aims to help participants conceptualize and draft government policies with private partnership support that would enrich the SME sector and develop it as a competitive market.

Comprehensive review of policies: The course covers and emphasizes the importance of doing a review of existing government policies and mechanisms that have been practiced for years. The review of said policies acts as a key source of information in creating new and more effective policies for the development of the economy.

Monitor the policies: The course imparts learnings on monitoring implemented policies and evaluating performance results. Doing so will help the government analyse the effectiveness of the policies in growing the SME sector and what can be done more in the future.

These policies seek to nurture the SME sector and motivate entrepreneurs to grab opportunities for growth.

Who can participate?

The Level of Officers: Middle and senior level government officials are eligible for participation in the course of Economic Development and Trade Promotion.

Nomination: The officers who have been nominated by their respective government agencies can participate in the learning course and gain knowledge about how to frame policies for the growth of the SME sector.

Health Qualifications: The participants should be of good health so that they can actively participate in the programme.

Fluent in English: The participants should be well-versed with spoken and written English which would help them interact with the trainers and participants.

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