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IDA’s Initiatives For The Growth Of The SME Sector

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore launched innumerable initiatives for the development of small and medium enterprise (SME) and education sector. SMEs are the backbone of the healthy economy of Singapore. It is imperative to encourage and promote the education sector as it is responsible for a great future. It helps to motivate new talents, discover innovative entrepreneurs and researchers who would contribute to the growth of the economy.

The Objectives of IDA

A learning environment. IDA focuses on creating a learning environment for educational institution students. IDA believes in a knowledge-creating environment that imparts quality education to students.

Innovation and Information Technology. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine life without technology. Innovation has changed the way we live and also how we learn. IDA promotes the use of latest technological tools in education with the ultimate goal of improving the education system and helping students learn more. IDA is committed to making Singapore as a hub of innovation in the education sector.

Well-managed infrastructure. Developing high-quality infrastructural facilities in the learning sector is essential not only in providing quality education to students but also in uplifting the education  sector.

Strategic Advantage. To encourage more entrepreneurs for business, it is the responsibility of the Government of Singapore to improve the education sector that would nurture the great talents who contribute to the development of the economy. It is the objective of IDA to develop new talents as a strategic advantage above other nations.

The ICT for Productivity and Growth Programme (IPG)

IDA implemented the IPG programme to increase the productivity of the SMEs. If you want to Register A Singapore Company, you can seek support under this programme to grow your business. The Government of Singapore has a three-year plan (2014-2016) where SMEs would be provided with effective ICT solutions that would boost the overall performance of the SMEs.

  • The ICT solutions would be impactful in helping the SMEs meet the challenges of the business environment and tap several opportunities.
  • The IPG programme promises to deliver high-end and flexible solutions to the SMEs that help them to adapt with the current business environment demands.
  •  Information Technology is the need of the hour and offers real-time solutions. The IPG programme enables businesses to receive high connectivity.

Businesses can seek support in the form of grants and resources for the growth of the business. Your business can easily face the  challenges of a competitive business environment by offering innovative products and services to the customers. The programme offers financial assistance to new entrepreneurs so that they can implement their idea, Setup A Company In Singapore and contribute to the economic growth. The Government of Singapore has taken several measures to maximise lucrative business and job opportunities for the people of Singapore. The measure simplifies the process of business establishment and helps entrepreneurs tap on profitable opportunities.

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