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How To Be A Part Of SME Talent Hunt Opening By The Singapore Government

The small and medium enterprises in Singapore currently have policies that favor their business in more ways that one. With the recent announcement of Budget 2013, there were a number of steps taken to reshape and revitalize the growth of small-scale industries. The Talent Programme is one such way to invite brighter minds to come forth. The SME Talent Programme aims to encourage students or graduates from Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to consider working with SMEs. The programme offers rewards, awards,  and scholarships, as well as job contracts with the sponsoring SME.

The following are the criteria for interested individuals to qualify and get into the talent programme:

– For those who are from Polytechnic, one must be a Singapore resident and must have completed one year in Polytechnic. The student must have a good academic background and must be keen in starting a career in SME.

– The applicants who are from ITE must either be in their final year of education or have already graduated from the institution. With the application, they also have to vouch for interest in SMEs and should have a decent background of academics and a positive attitude.

Successful applicants are awarded scholarship which covers school fees and study allowance for the remaining years of study, if applicable. The sign-in bonus after completing the course and joining an SME as a part of bond obligation for two years is provided. For those who are interested, the application may be done online.

SMEs are an important factor of the Singapore economy. These businesses are responsible for employing 7  out of 10 individuals in the city-state and are major contributors to the overall economic output. However, SMEs also face many predicaments one of which is manpower. The SME Talent Programme seeks to help address manpower problems by encouraging qualified and skilled students or graduates who are Singapore residents to work with SMEs. Even if you are planning to be an entrepreneur or start a new small scale industry in Singapore, the participation in the talent hunt program will give the right direction to your career and bring you in front of the influential members in the business.

Small and medium scale industries make up to 90% of industries present in Singapore. With these industries also stepping up globally, there is a chance for young talents to take up better posts and also be creative heads to guide these industries and take steps to improve productivity, growth, as well as quality of the enterprises. If you are young and motivated, go ahead and participate to contribute to the future Singapore’s industrial growth.

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