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Happier People Lead to Better Productivity

Many people strive to become more productive in their work so they can be happy. However, a new study says it is the other way around. Believe it or not, happier people do work harder. Economists had done some research and pointed out this important but often neglected element in improving productivity.

An esteemed professor and his team at Warwick Business School have conducted a wide range of exercises in their research that resulted in this finding. A group of students were asked to work on particular mathematical problems in a span 10 minutes. Some were then shown a 10-minute comedy skit that is performed by a well-known British comedian. The happiness level of those who watched it were successfully raised compared to those who did not watch it. For both men and women, the productivity of the subjects who watched the comedy was significantly higher than the other subjects. The economists noted: “Happier workers, our research found, were 12% more productive. Unhappier workers were 10% less productive.” These findings led the economists to claim: “The increase in productivity seems to be linked to the increase in happiness, not merely to the watching of the comedy movie per se.” The team also found that those who had experienced a death or illness in their families within the past two years performed 10% worse than others.

Nowadays, some entrepreneurs start to comprehend this special link between the happiness of the workers and their performance. Companies are offering some amazing perks to their employees. Formerly, these kinds of things happened commonly in the US and Europe. However, the trend is reaching out into Asia. Some companies registered in Singapore are also providing unbelievable perks to the staff.

So after incorporating your own company, you may want to consider some perks for your hardworking employees. Just remember that happier people work harder.