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Effective Courses Offered For The Enhancement Of SME Sector

The Government of Singapore offers courses for government officers in order to help them formulate effective and innovative policies for the country. The courses involve extensive knowledge on how to manage resources efficiently and improve the productivity of Singapore. The courses are also open to other countries including:

Types of Courses

Economic Development for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The course provides policymakers with  information and knowledge that help them create effective solutions for the welfare of the SME sector. The course focuses on involving the private sector to extend technical know-how and support to the SME sector.

The topics covered in the course are:

  • The problems faced by SMEs in meeting the demand and domestic expectations.
  • The strategic policies that would help the SME sector to grow and develop.
  • The course would impart knowledge on how to fulfill the needs of financing strategies of SMEs and simplify the process of the company formation services in Singapore.
  • The course would give the participants an overview on issues of evaluation, monitoring and communicating policies that are effective and flexible.
  • The course also includes a study on the practical application of policies by the participants where they would be provided with case studies. The case studies would be based on the participation of private sector in implementing business, marketing and finance strategies for the sustainable growth of SMEs.

Water Management

The course objective is to provide comprehensive knowledge on effective water management and drainage management. The participants would learn how to manage the water supply of Singapore and more about used water and portable water systems.

What would you learn?

Some information on the scope of the course:

  • The participants will be given a lecture on the policy of used water management that is followed in Singapore.
  • The participants will experience how to effectively manage the waterways and catchment in Singapore.
  • The participants will be informed of regulatory and legislative and water conservation requirements that would help them to frame policies for better governance.
  • The course covers relevant information on water treatment methods that ensures effective water supply in Singapore. The participants would understand how to effectively manage the water supply plant in Singapore.
  • Water reclamation process helps the Government make wastewater reusable through the latest technological tools and methods.  The course will allow participants to gain knowledge on the process of water reclamation.

Information Technology

The Information Technology course helps participants understand the importance of e-governance in the country. The course focuses on how to improve the implementation of e-Government strategies that would increase public sector performance and infrastructure of Singapore.

The participants woill learn to implement change management strategies for the development of SME sector and would improve the services of company formation in Singapore.

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