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Know More About Continuing Education And Training (CET)

With an ever-changing business environment, products, services, technology, knowledge, and skills can easily become outdated. Entrepreneurs and innovators must strive to respond accordingly and keep up with market demands. The cutthroat competition is one of the more common predicaments faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. To survive, remain productive and grow, SMEs must constantly upgrade their products, services, and talents.

The government of Singapore acknowledges the plight of SMEs and has introduced many programmes and schemes to improve the skills of local talents and make them more competitive. In line with this goal, the Continuing Education and Training (CET) was introduced. Launched in February 2008, the programme aims to promote the competitiveness of SME employees through education and training. By improving their skills and abilities, SME talents can stay ahead of competition and look forward to better career opportunities. The CET programme is available to all the ranks of officers and enhances the careers of all the Singaporeans.

The objectives of CET are:

  • Simple and Affordable. The CET is designed to cover all sectors and all ranks of officers. The programme is affordable and can easily be availed by various employees of the organisation and aspiring individuals. The programme is accessible to all who wishes to advance their career and choose the best decision to enhance his journey of learning.
  • Collaboration. Workforce Development Authority (WDA) collaborated with successful employers to enhance the skills of the workers and improve their experience curve.
  • Identify opportunities. The government seeks to identify young talents who possess potentials to grow and survive the threats of the business environment. Growing industries have realized the importance of CET to provide more training to Singaporeans.

The Government of Singapore is very optimistic towards the CET master plan that comprises policies to improve Singapore on a broader basis:

  • A dream for the future (Qualified workforce): The CET master plan’s objectives include the creation a competitive and productive workforce to compliment job opportunities from SMEs. Therefore, adding to the economic development of Singapore. It also seeks to motivate talented entrepreneurs to Register A Company In Singapore and increase the healthy competition in the business industry.
  • Entry of new and developing industries: Many Singaporeans who are qualified and skilled would easily grab the new job opportunities to positively contribute to the economic development of SME sector.

To successfully implement the CET master plan, the government has launched a Lifelong Learning Endowment Fund that supports the objectives of CET and helps provide financial assistance to the trainees.

Advantages of CET Plan:

  • High-class service providers: The CET Programme works with the best and finest public and private training providers such as NTUC, Polytechnic and ITE.
  • Number of centers for respective growth sectors: CET has established ten (10) new centers in the areas of precision engineering, service professionals, allied healthcare, logistics and supply chain management, manufacturing skills and process manufacturing.
  • Institute for the development of trainees: The institute improves the skills of the employees and encourages them to grow and Incorporate A Company In Singapore.

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