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A Driver To Achieve Innovative Growth In Singapore

Singapore is moving towards sustainable economic growth with the consistent improvement in education, legal policy, research, energy, telecommunications networks, health, and transport. The city-state has seen significant improvements in the skills and qualifications of its workforce through the implementation of Continuing Education and Training (CET) programmes. An appreciation also goes to the remarkable enhancement of transport, energy, and health sectors’ performance which can be attributed to the adoption of various ICT solutions.

Constant skills upgrading and promotion of technological innovations are vital in keeping up with a competitive and globalized environment. Hence, the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore continuously promotes infrastructural and telecommunications development in the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector. It plays an important role in Singapore’s journey to becoming a Smart Nation that can lead globally by launching a wide spectrum of programmes and schemes to develop SMEs in the city-state.

With the support of Big Data and Analytics, IDA seeks to improve the quality of life in Singapore. It believes that the economy can be strengthened by keeping pace with dynamic changes in the business environment and that innovation is the key to remaining productive and competitive.

Through IDA, SMEs can access government support in improving their strategic capabilities, avoiding threats, reengineering business processes and nurturing talents to create knowledge-based jobs promoting creativity.  IDA has also taken up measures to inspire young entrepreneurs to increase capital formation and invest domestically. There are several incentives for young entrepreneurs to Set Up A Company In Singapore.

IDA is focused in initiating the development of innovative products and services by promoting the adoption new technologies. It encourages companies to come up with innovative, cost-effective, and flexible technological solutions to achieve a strategic advantage over competitors. Such technologies support process reengineering and help businesses manufacture quality products in less time and cost.

In order to create a healthy business environment, IDA has emerged as a supportive agency promoting SMEs as a strong foundation for the development of Singapore. It encourages entrepreneurs who Incorporate A Company In Singapore to be creative and innovative. Moreover, the agency works hard towards developing Singapore as an innovation-driven economy and create a techno-cultural environment that renders high-quality services.

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