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Singapore Company Registration Services

An Overview Of Singapore Company Registration Services

Putting up a company in a cosmopolitan country like Singapore is akin to establishing a business enterprise in other progressive countries. It is mandatory before the law that prior to any business operation, company registration is a must.

For those who do not know, company registration is not as simple as registering a sole proprietorship business. In fact, in most cases, hiring company registration services is almost imperative. These registration services provide affordable packages which company owners can choose by availing their services. The process is relatively fast, actually, it takes only two working days for them to complete everything. The package is inclusive of professional services fee for registration, ACRA registration fees, ACRA fees for company names application, share certificates, minute book and statutory register, memorandum and articles of association, common seal, company profile, and one-year secretarial fee.

Singapore Company Registration Services: How It Works

Most Singapore company registration services provide a detailed overview of the company registration requirements, procedure, and timeline for registering a company in Singapore. As with most other jurisdictions, Singapore has a set of initial and ongoing regulatory compliance requirements for starting and operating a company. Therefore, both local and foreign entrepreneurs are advised to engage the services of a professional firm for this purpose.

Singapore Company Registration Services: A Brief Guide For Foreign Entrepreneurs

Foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start business operations in Singapore must be aware that the Singapore law does not allow foreigners, both individuals and entities to engage in a self-registered company. As such, it is suggested that foreigners must connect first in professional firms prior to company registration.

On the other hand, for foreigners who merely wish to incorporate a private limited company and operate offshore, there’s no need to obtain any special visa anymore. In fact, they are allowed to operate offshore and just visit using a visitor’s visa. However, in these cases a local resident director is required.

In a nutshell, the professional services of experts will ensure that everything is done legally and properly, preventing any future problems which might give rise to questions about the legitimacy of the company. It’s no secret that, starting a company involves a lot of work aside from registering the company per se.