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Singapore Company Incorporation Services

Singapore Company Incorporation Services: Documents Needed

The requirements and documents needed when incorporating a company in Singapore vary depending on the type of company that’s going to be established by entrepreneurs and corporate entities. What’s interesting, however, is that if would-be entrepreneurs and company owners are able to supply the complete legal documents needed for company incorporation, registration consultancy companies can help them incorporate their company within an hour.

Generally, the most common documents needed for company incorporation are the name of the company, the registered address, the list of shareholders and board of directors, as well as the particulars of such people, the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA), the particulars of the assigned company secretary and for local residents, a copy of passport or Singapore identity card.

Singapore Company Incorporation Services For Branch Offices

Branch offices are companies owned by foreign corporate entities. They represent the expansion efforts of global companies in Singapore. Usually, these types of companies are expected to furnish a certified true copy of their registration certificate in their home country, the particulars of both their local and overseas directors, a memorandum stating the scope of duties of the local directors, a power of attorney authorizing two local company officers for receiving notices sent to the branch office, and finally a registered address.

Offshore companies who are looking into expanding their business operations in Singapore are expected to furnish the same copies of documents to consultancy companies to simplify the company incorporation process. Offshore companies can enjoy taxation incentives and exemptions in Singapore and can benefit a lot from the thriving business environment of the island.

Finding The Singapore Company Incorporation Services Near You

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