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Registration Of A Company In Singapore

Basics Of Registration Of A Company In Singapore

Singapore is a locus of business in Southeast Asia. It is the outpost of choice for many global companies and conglomerates because of its vibrant market, its strategic location relative to its Asian neighbors, and its great potential for continued expansion.

Registration Of A Company In Singapore: Why Put Up A Singapore Branch?

All eyes are currently in Asia as the world seeks to tap its emerging markets for capitalization. It is therefore good business sense to put up headquarters in the region’s business hub, which is Singapore.

In Singapore, companies enjoy world-class social services and all the modern amenities needed to maintain a global brand’s satellite office. With competitive tax laws and an efficient bureaucratic system, Singapore provides business owners a stable ground for their Asian presence.

With its close proximity to the Asian mainland, foreign companies will find it easy to be in touch with the new markets they want to tap. Regional market intelligence is crucial in developing a market niche, and the key to gaining understanding of the Asian market, including its needs, wants, and consumer trends, is to make a company’s presence felt literally on Asian soil.

Registration Of A Company In Singapore: Basics of Making That Singapore Branch A Reality

Foreign companies who are looking into the registration of a company in Singapore can tap the services of local company registration companies to make the transition a breeze. Singapore laws are different from other countries, which is why a local company is the best option for foreigners.

Companies need to provide, among others, certified copies of its certificate of registration in the country it is coming from and the instrument of its constitution, as well as a list of its directors and stipulation of their powers. Companies also need to provide a memorandum of appointment for at least two local agents authorised to accept notices on behalf of the company branch in Singapore; a notice of the registered office’s location; and a statutory declaration confirming the branch’s particulars. These documents are essential for company registration services to help foreign companies establish and familiarise themselves with doing business in Singapore.