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Recognizing the importance of enterprises in sustaining economic growth in Singapore, the government made it a point to streamline the process of business registration and make it as straightforward as possible. One can register a business in the city-state with minimal requirements, fee and in a short period of time. However, while the Singapore company incorporation process is, in fact, simpler than most countries, it can still be tedious when you do not have a background of the process, or when you do not have the right support system. Any entrepreneur knows that time is essential in any business. Time lost can also mean lost business opportunities. This rings true for start-ups with urgent plans to launch in order for their idea, product or service to remain relevant. Other issues one can encounter is not having a local company director, having proposed business names that are already taken, or not having a registered business address. Should you require assistance in registering a business in Singapore, hiring a corporate solutions provider is an option. Ensure that you are working with a reliable service provider that is knowledgeable in all the aspects of starting and managing a business in the city-state.

With a wide array of clients from various industries and through our years of experience, our company possesses the needed credentials and expertise to provide quality corporate services. Our team of experts can readily provide you with the right assistance and keep you informed about the requirements, process, and timeline. We offer Nominee Director Services in the event that you do not have a local Company Director to appoint, a registered office address for those without any local address, assistance in applying for an Employment Pass if need be, and more. We see to it that the registration of your business is done in the most efficient way possible. Since our staff have a technical know-how of the industry, your concerns and questions can easily be addressed so you can remain worry-free throughout the process. Since our staff have a technical know-how of the industry, your concerns and questions can easily be addressed so you can remain worry-free throughout the process.

We understand that setting up a business can involve a lot of stress and we seek to alleviate the burden through our complete suite of corporate services executed by highly-skilled professionals. Hence, on top of our company incorporation services, we also offer corporate, accounting and tax services that can help you focus more on handling your business. Once your company is registered, it will be required to comply with statutory requirements. For example, every registered company in Singapore must hire a skilled Company Secretary within six months from its incorporation.  It is a common misconception that a business can hire just about anybody to be a Company Secretary. However, hiring an incompetent Company Secretary can cause legal problems in the future.By engaging our services, we can appoint a qualified, experienced Company Secretary who will cater to your business requirements promptly. We have a team of competent accountants and Singapore tax experts who can ascertain that your business remains compliant. Moreover, you can have access to expert valuable advice and insights, an added value service that go above and beyond the services we offer.

You can trust Richmond to provide quality Company Registration Singapore services in the best possible manner.

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