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Incorporate A Singapore Company

Incorporate A Singapore Company For Greater Income

Singapore company incorporation has proven to be a very lucrative option not just for local entrepreneurs but also to foreign companies and start-ups that would like to take their business to the next level. Singapore companies have gained a reputation for their quick rise to fame and their many expansion opportunities, which won’t happen otherwise if they weren’t located in Singapore. It only goes to show how greater the potential is for companies to conduct business in Singapore as with other jurisdictions globally.

Incorporate A Singapore Company: Profitability

Singapore foreign companies may be tax exempted by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for the first three years within company incorporation so long as their profits do not exceed SG $200,000. Companies in Singapore also enjoy a low headline corporate tax rate of 17%. They are also protected from double taxation. These favorable tax conditions have led Singapore to top the Grant Thornton International survey as the least burdensome tax rates around the world.

Companies would also enjoy the convenience of incorporating in Singapore by receiving a goods and services tax (GST) refund as well as tax incentives. A financial audit won’t also be required of companies that have only earned less than SG $5 million in sales.

Another great advantage of incorporating your company Singapore is that you don’t really have to rent a physical office. Consultancy firms can offer businesses virtual office administration as well as the arrangement for short-term office rental in Singapore, complete with customer service. Nothing can be more convenient and money-saving than this.

Seeking Help On How To Incorporate A Singapore Company

Singapore company incorporation remains popular among foreign business entities and it’s no surprise why. And as the country’s many sectors grow, more consultancy firms catering to foreign companies wanting to set up regional headquarters in Singapore are increasing as well. Get only the best services and hire Richmond Advisory for your company registration needs.