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The Government of Singapore is taking serious measures to eliminate tax evasion cases in the city-state. Apart from strict policies to control and manage tax collection in the city-state, the government also take precautionary measures by signing international tax agreements. Recently, Singapore has signed a tax treaty with Germany to monitor and prevent tax evasion of  individuals seeking alternatives to avoid tax in their home country.

According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), tax offenses are, by law, categorized as a money laundering offense. There have been cases where organizations in the financial and banking sector help clients hide the true value of their income to reduce their liability of tax. Hence, apart from implementing strict policies that seek to avoid tax offenses like this, the government actively reminds every Singapore Registered Company to assume full responsibility to pay their respective corporate tax on time.

Seeking assistance 

It is compulsory for all the companies that are registered in Singapore to submit their annual audited or unaudited accounts to IRAS before or in the month of November of the previous assessment year. The tax calculations in Singapore are done on the basis of the profits earned in the financial before the assessment year.

Should you require assistance in fulfilling your corporate tax obligations, we can assure you of the quality of our work. Richmond is a responsible and reputable organisation that offers high-quality corporate tax services to SMEs in Singapore. Our aim is to effectively help our clients submit their true annual returns to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). We have a dedicated team of expert professionals who are ready to assist in filing each client’s tax annual returns timely and accurately.  By engaging our services, not only will you be able to satisfy your tax requirements but also concentrate on more gainful activities of your business.

Richmond offers a full suite of corporate tax services to the clients including the following:

Calculating Tax: Richmond has qualified account managers who can calculate your corporate tax quickly and accurately.

Filing Tax Forms: Busy business owners often do not have the time to fill out and submit tax forms. Our staff can eliminate that burden and be able to competently and efficiently take care of your tax forms.

Preparation of Director’s Report: Richmond provides effective services to prepare the Director’s Report on your behalf.

Submission of Form C: Every registered company carrying on a trade or business must prepare and submit form C declaring the company’s true income. At Richmond, our clients can rest assured that we will implement the most effecient way of submitting their Form C. With a team of skilled account managers, we are able to deliver accurate and reliable services that help you to submit annual returns without delay.

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